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    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    thanks for that. I thought maybe I just didn't install the ribbon cable all the way and it was randomly just not showing picture when I turned it on. lol
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    In general it’s a better screen than an express. It’s similar to an LT. But I won’t know the true quality until it gets back from a recap. Image is currently dim as I think some caps are failing. This pic is with the brightness cranked way up.
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    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    Have both a transparent black shell and the new screen sitting on my desk. Can't wait to get this assembled. Hopefully tomorrow.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    A grail arrives. Minty and only needs a recap.
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    FYI. My acrylic plates don’t require the metal shell. I just designed around it but they go on the 2 or 4 slot regardless. But of course my plastic plates are heavy too. As for the AES system shell, I thought about trying to make a repro. But I lost the bid on a dead system that had a nice...
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    NGPC Backlight Kit in the works!

    I can here to post this video too. blah, i'm late. to order the new kit and grab one of those smokey transparent black shells.
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    A new consolized MVS has dropped, the "Open MVS" AKA "OMVS"

    I'm sure it's something that can easily be changed. He may already have the 3d file without the logo. Looking forward to this project. Love the clean simplicity of the hardware to consolize the MV1C. Now we just need a OMVS logo :)
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    Let’s talk NGPC in 2018!

    Not sure on battery. Haven’t had time to run it long enough to eat the batteries. Lol. I’m sure someone has it written down.
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    Let’s talk NGPC in 2018!

    Figure I’ll just run this until someone makes a 1 to 1. Then swap out.
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    Let’s talk NGPC in 2018!

    FYI. The new screen didn’t come with a tutorial. So I followed this video.
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    Let’s talk NGPC in 2018!

    This backlight screen mode is a must. And it doesn’t require permanently modding your system. You could switch back. Picked up from
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    2 Metal Slug Games in Development - 2020 Planned Release

    Can't really expect something good and new when the original Dev team hasn't been around in what? 2 decades almost? Bringing in a new team means they will be focused on nostalgia and recreating sprites, etc. But I would be more than happy to be proven wrong.
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    WTB MOTW or Viewpoint MVS

    Hey guys just thought I would see if anyone had a loose MVS cart of Viewpoint or MOTW. Label or case quality doesn’t really matter. Just going to play.
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    Game Gear Micro

    okay, I was excited at first but without an english option there's no way the shining force games will be playable. Which leaves Sonic, Columns and Shinobi. yeah... well.. nah.