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    WTB- SUPER NEO CANDY 29 OR MVU4-33 Candy Cab in the US

    Replied to, thanks. Not what I was looking for so still searching.
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    FS: 4 slots boards and a 6 slot board

    Received the 6 slot and it was best packaged item I have ever received! Thought I was receiving a brand new item and looks great to. Thank you and will be enjoying it tonight.
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    WTB- SUPER NEO CANDY 29 OR MVU4-33 Candy Cab in the US

    Looking for a Super neo 29 with LED display or a MVU4-33 Candy in the US. Any info is greatly apreciated and can pay $ or have other candy cab for trade or boards or combination of the 3. Thanks.
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    King of Fighters XV set for 2020 release

    About freakin time! KOF 14 is just one of the worst in so many ways. Really look forward to kof 15 having more of kof 98, 02 and 97 combined with newer much better graphics.
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    Universe Bios 4.0 install

    Is the Bios a plug and play install on all MVS Mother boards or does it require to solder? (Have a 4 slot)
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    My Candy Cab Collection with boards.

    This is my collection but solince have added more that is not yet pictured��
  7. L Arcade Cabinet Group Buy Guide and FAQ

    Any interest on making a group buy again? Really want a super neo 29 with led display or mvu4-33
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    Anyone want to trade some home carts?

    If you decide to sell the KOF titles let me know. That way you won't hurt your pocket too much ��.
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    This Saturday December 15 we are having our last KOF Gathering of the year for a fun night of Casual and personal matches.
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    Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!

    This is Wonderfull! Got to upgrade to the 4.0.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Heres my latest acquisition adquisition and all the game I need to make me HAPPY😁. KOF LOVE FOR LIFE!
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    King of Fighters!

    KOF 95 97 98 02 Definitely the Best! But as the story line goes from 94 to 97 its just the best. It ended in 97 as in 98 its a dream Match but non the less the best KOF imo.
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    FS: 4 slots boards and a 6 slot board

    Interested in the 6 slot. Could you pm me please.