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    120 in 1, Real Bout MVS, RB2 MVS, WH2J and WHP MVS

    Looking for loose carts or kits..... Send me a PM.
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    AES POW 3 Power Supply Question - Replacement

    Just a quick question.... I have a high serial JP AES with a POW3 10V adapter. SN 164876 My question, will the supply in the Neo Store work with my system? I am trying to get away from using the 100V adapter that came with the system, and convert to a 120V adapter that puts out the right...
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    HDMI Mod Possible?

    Did a quick search to see if there was anything on this.... didn't readily see anything. As analog connectors to TV's are being phased out, is there any possibility that a HDMI mod could be done on a Neo? Is anyone doing them presently? Is it possible to output a digital signal from the hardware?
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    Timeline arcade

    Timeline is located in central PA. Baltimore is pretty close. Visited a few times, and it is a good venue with a good selection of games. Anybody been? Or interested in a small tourney there?
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    York PA Tourney and meet up

    Interested in hosting a mini tourney at my place, specifically for the Neo.... I live in the York PA area.... thinking sometime in early Nov. 40 min north of Baltimore. Had a tourney way back in 2003, and had a good turnout ~15 folks. Any interest from the community to attend?
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    Windjammers MVS

    Don't need a full kit.... just looking for a loose cart that works.
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    Daedalus thoughts.....

    I just bought one from the Neo Store..... Anyone have any feedback on them? They look like the best out there right now.
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    Current Best Mods for AES

    Looking to upgrade my AES from stock to something akin to what KPJ and JMKurtz used to put out..... are they still in the business? Who does the best mods now? Thanks..... just getting back into the Neo after a long time away ~7 years.....
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    Neo Geo stick 2 PS3 on PC

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone else has tried a PS3 neo geo stick 2 on a PC? I am trying to use it, but it keeps registering an up movement on the stick, so in a fighting game, the character just keeps jumping up and down. Tried to remove the driver, reinstall it, nothing seems to work. Other...
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    AES New Style Controller - Excellent cond

    For sale, excellent condtion new style AES controller. Asking $45.00. No box. PM if interested.
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    WTB Candy Cab Mid Atlantic Area

    Looking for a Candy cab for sale somewhere in the VA, MD, NJ, PA, NY areas.... Shoot me a PM if you are selling one.
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    Guilty Gear Accent Core PSP

    Anyone played this on PSP? Just wondering if it is worth picking up the import... are the controls tight? Or is it a sloppy hack?
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    Import PSP titles

    Just wondering if anyone knows if import PSP games will work on US systems? I want to get a copies of GGAC and sam anthology via import..... I have been told the system is region free?????
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    WTB PS2 Fighters

    Looking for a few PS2 titles: Marvel vs Capcom 2 Capcom vs SNK 2 Guilty Gear X2 KOF00/01 KOF02/03 PM me if you have any for sale. Thanks.
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    Melty Blood Actress Again

    Anybody played this one? Thoughts, comments?