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    What is the game you play the most in Neogeo?

    Mine Aso 2 and viewpoint.
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    What is your favorite snk saga?

    Mine is Ff series World heroes Aof.
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    What is your favorite mvs motherboard?

    I like the mvf1 because each chip is independent, the last vertical load on a chip, there are two if the ysa that contains the z80 and the yamaha 2610 breaks down, for example, you have to change everything for one and in the first plates they are independent it is clear that to reduce the size...
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    Effects game snk

    Which SNK game has the best graphic effects for you?
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    Snk characters

    What are your favorite snk characters, whether they are the protagonists of the game or one that appears in the background making a cameo?
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    Hardware neogeo

    Is the helicopter that appears on kevin's stage made with photoshop?
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    Magician lord

    Hello I checked the roms of magician lord and the rom region is wrong, which is where it is located?
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    What Neo title has the best attract mode?

    Garou mark the wolves.
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    Graphical failure

    Thanks jonap.
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    What Beat 'em Ups are you playing? Daily/Weekly check

    Top hunter and mutation nation.
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    Graphical failure

    What can this graphical failure be in samurai shodown 2?
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    Hardware neogeo

    If I read something about photoshop to create garou motw.
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    Hardware neogeo

    The hardware was five or six data buses?
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    Hardware neogeo

    Garou motw uses the same graphics engine as Last Blade?