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    3 Count Bout Review

    Introduction This is the only wrestling game on the Neo Geo. You may or may not know that my favourite 2D wrestling game in the arcades is WWF Wrestle Fest (Not a Neo Geo game, it's by Technos Corp). That is one game that I will always remember, mainly because I spent so much time on it in...
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    Aggressors of Dark Kombat Review

    One on One Fighting Players: 1 or 2 player Type: One on One Fighting Size: 178 Megabits This is perhaps one of the weirdest fighting games on the Neo Geo. It is a one on one fighting game, but the controls on it are different to any other game of its type. It controls just like a side...
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    Blazing Star just came out on iTunes for iPhone and iPad

    Thanks mate, I appreciate it! I've not bee very active for a long time, will try and hang around here a bit more often again too! :) Kaz
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    Blazing Star just came out on iTunes for iPhone and iPad

    Wrote a review of the iPhone version of anyone is interested :) It's a good game but as others have mentioned the touch screen control could be better... Kaz
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    Why does KOF XII suck so much? (Was "So KOF XII is delayed?")

    The PS3 KOF XII I bought was from Ebay, an Asian version (Korean?) and cost £34... think that's probably less than what some stores are selling it for officially, and free next day delivery. Highly recommend grabbing that instead of waiting! There are also some sellers on Ebay that have the...
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    Why does KOF XII suck so much? (Was "So KOF XII is delayed?")

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I know it probably is a little too long, I tried to make it a little more in-depth than other reviews I had read. I got carried away slightly though I guess; I did do a quick re-read to check for spelling errors etc but I may have made a couple of other mistakes. If...
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    Definitive Neo GEo AES top ten

    hehe thanks joe I was about to post my top 10 in here. I don't think there really is a definive top 10 though, there's a few games that will appear in almost anyones list but obviously it's all personal preference. I mentioned Shock Troopers...
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    Why does KOF XII suck so much? (Was "So KOF XII is delayed?")

    It's late so not sure if anyone is bothered but I did a long ass write up on the game... I'm no expert player but I have enjoyed XII despite its shortcomings... see if you agree with me? Kaz
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    I kid you not: King Of Fighters: the movie in the works!!

    I don't know how new this is, but IMDB updated their cast list... here's the cast they have so far with a few pics: linky --> I still think this is gonna be terrible, but maybe it might at least turn out entertaining! Kaz
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    Samurai Shodown 2 on Live!

    Well... it looks like it is officially 800 Points, which is kinda sucky. I'm gonna buy it anyway as I still think it's a fair price, but wish they hadn't advertised it wrongly, although that was probably the fault of M$ and not SNK. Anyways, I got the trial just to see how it looked and it...
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    New Neo Geo website surfaces

    Very nice... loving the design, it's perfect! :) Kaz
  12. Kazuya_UK back online

    Just wanted to mention that is now back online, for anyone that noticed it was gone over the past day or two. We were hacked unfortunately but without going into details it's more or less sorted out now other than a few missing images which are being uploaded. If anyone notied...
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    GTA IV [lets talk about the game]

    LMAO! :lol: Kaz
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    GTA IV [lets talk about the game]

    Without de-realing the thread, doesn't anyone think Brucie = dion dakis? All the stuff about steroids and "big time" cracked me up :P Kaz
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    ROTD, SVC, Matrimelee

    Indeed! I had forgotten about that. If you do have the uni-bios though it's easily fixed by putting it into Japanese mode and you can still get Engrish text. Kaz