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    Happy Birthday striderpunk

    enjoy yourself. all the best. :D
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    Tetris Effect

    :D :glee: here here. can't account for conversation outside the fact. :p
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    Movie opinions thread (what have you seen, what did you think?)

    reservoir dogs and natural born killers, followed by feast 1 & 2. just because it's brainfodder, mindless entertainment. :D
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    cosigned for my mom.....biggest mistake

    :D quoted this gem. all the way up to 18 huh? as for the asian piece, just look at how fucked their culture is vs the original west. NO original thought, just blind collectivism, there's DIRE consequences for dissent. yeah, it's true, yet grudgingly so. just hang around a typical family, be the...
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    Weekly Roundup 12-16-18

    :D silpheed - lost planet, and XII stag for ps2. it's the soundtracks that.....:p [edit] correction.
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    Poor Lurker, Poor Collector, Poor Neo Geo Set

    hello! :D have fun. there's no e-peen measurement of the hobby, disregard those that say otherwise. enjoy you time here. :p
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    Happy birthday Asid!

    :D always a good day to kick back and watch the movie. have a brilliant day!
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    Official A/V Thread

    was a bit of FU money, but all is well. don't have any ?4k? resolution items, or was aware it supported it. one more limitation i've found that my older tube accounted for, was shared display, not found a...
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    I'm sorry, I went to mars for second. but I'm back now (and I got T-shirts for everybody!)

    oh gaston, you disappoint. :( that would be MONEY first and foremost (for safety and security of child) then DUE care and attention. the law DOES legislate compassion via gunpoint, so.... :D
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    Metroid or Metroidvania?

    thanks for that oliver, next time i play a game, i'll remember i'm at school getting schooled. there was something about the series, and you nailed it. think i've developed a hatred for the series now... i seek oblivion of belief in games, not a harsh dose of reality, i get that for free every...
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    Metroid or Metroidvania?

    in spite of my age, missed out on the early metroid series, it was metroid prime and echoes for ngc that directed me toward the prior games. fantastic set, if corruption lacks pad controls. :D
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    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Fleet game - border down [yasuhisa watanabe] :glee:
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    Show your Christmas thread.

    :D that is COOL AS F...! sadly, not at all, just a low profiler, nobody i trust to share this finite time with. can't b arsed with the drama, fuck that noise with a 50 caliber AP round for a game of soldiers. the FOOD is my main priority during these times of exclusion and hatred! :p
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    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Worlds collide [masashi hamauzu & cohorts] (japanese names are trolls to the english language, CUNTS! :mad:)
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    Wyo - Happy Birthday!

    have a blitzkrieg of a blast. :D :bifta: same for all other coffin nail subjects missed. :p