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    Biggest Neo Geo related regrets back in the day :(

    I'm nearly certain I traded it to @BIG BEAR a few years back. Maybe he has it still?
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    WTB: NeoSD AES

    Do you have a link on where to get on the waiting list?
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    Biggest Neo Geo related regrets back in the day :(

    Yeah I remember that feeling and it sucked. I was like 13 at the time so the amount of money down the toilet was immense. I can't believe my first console to practice soldering on was the AES. I still bet you can find my posts whining about it somewhere on the forums still. Good times.
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    Biggest Neo Geo related regrets back in the day :(

    I fucked up my first AES when I was younger with a botched unibios install. Back then my soldering was horrific so I ruined a perfectly good system. Even now my current unibios install is from back in the day and looks like a rats nest and is God awful. I would like to clean it up but I am too...
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    WTB: NeoSD AES

    Hello, I'm looking for a Neo SD AES version. I really don't care if its the original verison or the pro one. I also would be ok with the darksoft flashcart as well. Thanks
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    Nintendo Switch

    It’s interesting as now I’ve lost almost all interest in the switch, there are barely any games being released.
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    (FS) Neo Geo AES Homecarts

    Yeah I’m actually 18 now, it’s been some years
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    (FS) Neo Geo AES Homecarts

    I'm selling off my Neo Geo homecart collection. For payment, I would prefer PayPal. Shipping-wise the USPS has been horrible at least for where I live so I will use UPS ground instead. The prices here do not include shipping, and obviously, that depends on where I am shipping it to. If you want...
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    Visco License Obtained by Pixelheart Games

    It seems visco loves whoring out they IPs
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    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo

    Thanks for the shift, I prefer how this looks anyways
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    (WTT) Hyper Neo Geo 64 Driving Motherboard with Xtreme Rally for other Hyper 64 games

    I have a Hyper Neo Geo 64 Driving Motherboard with the io board and a network cable and Xtreme Rally. I got the game to work and everything and it runs fine. I’m looking to trade the whole setup for some of the Hyper 64 fighting games, excluding fatal fury Wild ambition.
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    Picked up a free Sharp 19R-M100 today.
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    (WTB) Hyper 64 driving I/O board

    Want to be able to play a driving game with a fighting board so looking for a driving I/O board. Thanks, Evan
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    (WTB) Hyper Neo Geo 64 Fighting Games

    Found a game so resolved
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    Strange issue with MVS 161-1

    I recently came into an mvs 161-1 and some of the games have an issue. Some games like kof 2002 work perfect, but other games like kof 95 and kof 98 have an issue where a few minutes or even seconds into booting an error exception screen occurs. I’ve cleaned the contacts on the cart and the...