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    SNK PLAYMORE changes its name to SNK

    I just heard about this, and am very pleased to see not only the old logo return, but also the tagline. I hope everything turns out for them :D
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    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    I just got my PB4, and now waiting for James to get stock of those adapters. Quite curious to see how CPS1 and 2 games stack up to the real thing.
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    KOF14 announced for 2016 on PS4

    I'm starting to get more excited, but I wish they diversified the trailers more. I really want to see more backgrounds and a different structure to the trailers moving forward.
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    FS: Consolized PGM, misc bits

    Just wanted to say thanks to Mike for the CPS2 games. Super pleased with the whole transaction. Top notch member :D
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    Street Fighter Cab

    This is seriously impressive. I wish I had the space for a cab. Been on my wish list for years and years, but never had the chance to pick one up thanks to the limited space. Congrats on a job very well done!
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    PGM / IGS Information Thread and PRICE GUIDE

    Thanks to this thread, and further information I've done, I think I'm going to start with the original PGM, pick-up some games and then move on to the PGM2. I like what I'm hearing here, and what I've seen online. I really wish there was more information on what DIP settings do what in these...
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    WTB Atomiswave Games (Fist of the North Star, Guilty Gear Isuka, etc.)

    The games I listed here are the last ones I need to complete my Atomiswave collection. I already own all of the SNK games :)
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    Former Argonaut Staffer Is Reviving The Legendary Neo Geo Title Windjammers On 3DS

    This is just sad. Not sure why he's bothering with this. It's too damn slow, looks generic as hell, and frankly looks boring.
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    Gunlord on Coleco Chameleon?

    To be fair that video was for the Retro VGS, not the CC. Yes they're the same machine, but that is a very old trailer from when NG: Dev Team was onboard the Retro VGS, but they no longer are.
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    I'm surprised they haven't said boo in forever now. You'd think they would like to hype the game up, especially knowing the pre-orders were being taken down, but alas no.
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    WTB Atomiswave Games (Fist of the North Star, Guilty Gear Isuka, etc.)

    Hi all, Here are the Atomiswave games I'm currently looking for: Fist of the North Star / Hokuto No Ken Guilty Gear Isuka Guilty Gear X Version 1.5 The Rumble Fish The Rumble Fish 2 I'm only interested in legit versions of these games. PM if you're interested in selling these. I'd love...
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    Gunlord & Last Hope: Pink Bullets MVS reprints ON SALE NOW!

    Yeah that's what I'm curious about myself. I know I posted on their Facebook page about how they plant to please their AES and MVS fans, and they said their new hardware would mimic that of the Neo Geo, therefore allowing people to enjoy these new games in arcade cabs or via their home...
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    Gunlord & Last Hope: Pink Bullets MVS reprints ON SALE NOW!

    Potentially yes you're absolutely right, but I'm wondering if their games can be printed on a different medium. The carts they're using aren't cheap. What if they used an existing technology like an SD card format or something for the games. I honestly don't know, but whatever they decide to...
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    Gunlord & Last Hope: Pink Bullets MVS reprints ON SALE NOW!

    You nailed it. It's a real shame, and I think this is one of the main reasons why NG: Dev Team are making new hardware. They must realize that their price point puts them squarely in Collector markets instead of gamer markets. Only the most hardcore of hardcore fans can justify the price...