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    New neogeo homebrew in development : TEOT

    That last beta seems really cool Well done
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    DarkSeed proto: Improvements , what can be done?

    Hi since i had some requests, and please forgive me ( mod team ) if this isn't allowed PM me and i'll remove this . This is a modification to the s1 allowing some cool stuff to be shown like chars names, combos, life bar... This is fan made, only to those who really want to play this on an...
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    New neogeo homebrew in development : TEOT

    Late to the party... .... This looks amazing 😍 Very nice work guys
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    Uuuu i got my badge.. Thanks @CORY Just 1 year left to the 15 one
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    For the price it was sold (??) I guess that's another proto we wont be seeing soon...
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    PCM Sound & Stability Fixes Multicarts - 120 in 1, 138 in 1, 161 in 1 and others.

    I have the mvs 161-1 rev 2 ( comes stock with both pins bridged) Already did the pcm sound fix ( both 47pf caps) I see some people removed c3 due to "tinny sound" ? Could you elaborate a bit more,what you mean? Any noticeable difference with it removed? Thx
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    Best MVS smd RAM brand?

    Hi guys During all this years of doing repairs on my systems, one component that seems to fail most often, are the smd RAMs. Checking my systems, there's quite different RAM brands on all of them SONY CXK58257AM-10L SONY CXK58256MM-12 TOSHIBA TC55257DFL-85L UM62256EM-70LL etc In your...
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    Audio "buzz" in the background that increases on white or particularly clear picture

    My experience is: No matter if its my 4slot or my 1 slot I always have audio buzz on my TV ( supergun - scart) or CMVS - scart What helped a bit was using a better ground wire on the sound , but I still have issues, doesn't matter if its on an new TV or CRT.
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    MVS MV4 dead, solid light blue picture

    ok i've fixed it using my super awesome finger on the video rams and pressing them would cause the screen to show some few artifacts on the corners went ahead and replaced the uper video ram, mv4 finnaly show picture . but the text was corrupted replaced the lower video ram, and now its...
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    MVS MV4 dead, solid light blue picture

    Thanks for the hints Unfortunately I don't have diag bios nor a logic probe ( been trying to find an logic probe with audio beep for some time on eBay, recommendations???) Just found out that with stock bios, I get the light blue screen only, as already described BUT, using unibios 3.3 I...
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    MVS MV4 dead, solid light blue picture

    Hi guys So since my 1fz lost its sound due to an z80 error, i went and got my mv4 out of storage Last time i used it was probably ~8y ago, it worked fine. Now, all I get when trying to power it up, its an Solid light blue picture. (Will post a picture later) I've taken the upper board out...
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    MVS MV4 dead, solid light blue

    Wrong forum, sorry
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    Mv1fz z80 error

    So couple weeks ago I was playing ms3 with my kid, when suddenly sound stop working , after power it off and on ... The z80 error... So this one is giving me headaches, the only thing I get is "z80 system error" ( w unibios) stock bios just shows z80 error. Unfortunately I don't have diag...
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    Questions and doubts about the MV-1FZ Stereo mods

    Very nice explanation MKL ( as always) @Misos Ye I have an similar issue with an 1fz , I'm also in doubt if all the original sound caps are needed after doing the stereo mod...
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    SamSho VP English Neo Cart Available Yet?

    Meeh I was hyped about this...