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    Some arcade stuff FS/FT.

    Pm box full. Tried to pm.
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    More Battery FREE CPS3 Carts! (SF3 2nd Impact)

    Hi Darksoft, I also sent payment for a Japanese cart through your website as well. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
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    FS: rgb modded N64s

    deepthoughts made one for me. connected n64 through famicom rgb cable to xrgb 2. picture is wonderful. don't hesitate if you want a rgb modded n64.
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    CPS2 noise control

    someone recommended this replacement fan in another forum. i replaced this in two cps a boards and let me tell you the difference in noise from the original to this is like night and day. best thing about is that...
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    Trying to order capacitors.. I'm so lost.

    james... the store you go to for parts... is that the one near the airport? if it is, i go there alot as well. they got a good selection for electronic parts. :vik:
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    Naomi Games and Parts for Sale

    pm sent as well.
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    XRGB-2 sold please close

    pm sent.
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    Street Fighter HD Remix Thread

    thats some nice mods subcons. can you tell me what stick you are using with that bat top? is it a sanwa jlf? my friends say they like bat tops more then ball tops so i would like to recommend them an alternative. also could you tell me what kind of buttons (part number) of the ones you...
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    Street Fighter HD Remix Thread

    what time would this be est? ill see if im free.
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    Street Fighter HD Remix Thread

    i wish i could tell you what to do against guile but my bison is way worse then yours. maybe others who play bison can offer suggestions. try zangief against a turtle guile... talk about frustrating. thats why i like player matches, its a good time to try new and different strats out.
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    Street Fighter HD Remix Thread

    gg's mr. nemoperson. ur bison is good as advertised. :)
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    Street Fighter HD Remix Thread

    gg's electricgrave. your deejay is pretty good. :)
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    Street Fighter HD Remix Thread

    ok electric. when i get home, ill add you. didnt know your xbl tag was the same as your id. i look forward to a couple matches between us. ill do my best and hope its good enough. :vik:
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    HD Remix PSN Tags and XBLA tags

    360: borg07of09 casual player. looking to play anyone and everyone. thanks.