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    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Shame on me for not being able to keep up with the NG community for a while... I need to save up some monies for this amazing project. PS: party in Finland last weekend was all kinds of awesome... kiitos ja anteeksi (:
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    Finnish summer is over, it's Neo Geo time - 20th of August 2016

    Well there will probably be the post party sauna on 22.5 at a certain location... Most likely the Grand Cru one (:
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    Finnish summer is over, it's Neo Geo time - 20th of August 2016

    I'll be in Finland during 19-23.5 due to Simulaatio as is tradition. EDIT: I know it's during spring and not summer, but this is the only time I'll be sure to visit the lovely sauna and palju this year (:
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    The demoscene thread.

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    Show Your Desktop 2016 Edition

    Just a demo'ish object on mine (:
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    The demoscene thread.

    Well it was awarded 3rd place in the oldschool compo for good reason (: Here is a MS-DOS 64k intro from 1999:
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    NG:DEV TEAM re-issues Dreamcast versions of LHPB, Fast Strikers, Gunlord w/ jewel cases

    Placed my order. Thanks for the heads up!
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    The demoscene thread.

    I went to Revision last weekend and I saw these:
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    Big German Easter Party (aka Revision) 25-28.3.2016, Saarbruecken, Germany

    So... any of you going to the biggest demoscene event on the planet? Official website is <- over there. EDIT: Official invitation:
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    The demoscene thread.

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    What's your favourite platform for Shmups?

    Hurray another 8bit lover! (:
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    Best Mortal Kombat

    MK2. Did not care for the first one and gave up on the franchise after (U)MK3(Trilogy).
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    Deathsmiles on iOS is FREE until the end of the month

    Indeed, taking that into account you can't go wrong. I do not see myself playing it often or for extended periods of time though. I also would not recommend anyone paying for it, but for a freebie, it's not too bad (: