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    Arcade 1cc thread

    Hey whats up joe8. The shooter crowd usually doesn’t consider autofire cheating (especially since the pcengine tends to be their console of choice and it had that controller option as a default). I tend to agree with them that it doesn’t tend to break most shooters in any meaningful way. On the...
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    BlackaneseNiNjA's neo junk

    It took a while, but I finally will consider my little neo museum complete. I have the neo area bookended (pardon the pun) on both sides by all my SNK story mangas/novels/audio dramas on one side and the full run of neo geo freak magazine on the other:
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    Happy Birthday max 330 mega

    Happy belated :buttrock: I hope it was a good one
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    :lolz: That they did lol The only way to be sure will be to compare the Legend of Success Joe credits with the known SNK dev pseudonyms... chief programmer: hirofumi sakaue assistant programmer: takashi iehara character designer: koji tomoto assistance designer: kenichiro matsumoto total...
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Hey whats up Neo Alec, Monolith handled early console ports of SNK games to lesser systems so their relationship with SNK would have been very similar to Saurus who also had an established association due to their work/ports of neo geo titles. Since Wave Corp really only released Legend of...
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    Level 8 difficulty on NGCD?

    Hey whats up Burning Fight!!. There’s a few non-destructive ways to restore functionality to neo cd controllers that has worked well for me over the decades of abuse I’ve put the cd units through. I’ve tried a lot of methods over the years including removing and cleaning the metal pads within...
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock: Fantastic and well done as always. I appreciate the research on Pallas as well. The information about Pallas just further supports the narrative that SNK were really serious about not allowing third party developers to release games on the Neo Geo in the hardware’s...
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    What was your favorite cab at your local arcade?

    Before the arrival of the big red MVS’s in the 90’s and my subsequent Neo Geo obsession, I was constantly dropping quarters in the Ninja Gaiden and Renegade machines in the 80’s.
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    Happy Birthday radiantsvgun

    Happy birthday! :buttrock:
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    What is the game you play the most in Neogeo?

    The list is too long so here’s the top per system: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (ng) King of Fighters 95 (cdz) Zed Blade (mvs) Viewpoint (cd) SNK vs Capcom MotM (ngpc) King of Fighters R-1 (ngp) Fatal Fury Wild Ambition (hng64)
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    PlayStation & Xbox C-Bombs Glad they’re backpedaling, but it looks like jailbreaking is our solution to the cbomb issue.
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    Unreleased Neo Geo Game Writeup: The Warlocks of the Fates (Jinryu Senki)

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone share the character art for individual cast members of this game and was not sure which discussion to add it to. For the names I’ll provide the romanji rather than localized versions/attempts at their names since most of the character names are shorthand for their...