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    Married With Children - The Animated Series

    I can’t wait for that Amos and Andy reboot. Yeah, they’ll have to change %99 of the show and everyone who remembered it during its original run has been dead for 20 years, but you can’t let a valuable property languish!
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    FS: Wild Guns, Castlevania X (SNES, loose)

    I think I need to sell off my SNES collection and buy some Russian’s hyper yacht.
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    Possible to port MS 6-7 to MVS/AES

    It would be a lot of work and special graphical functions would have to be approximated or eliminated. The source code is %90 useless most likely for a backward job like that and also those games suck and are barely worth putting quarters into let alone 100s of hours of programming. As for...
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    Atari VCS

    I already said Star Raiders! Kaboom is legit. Massively better than Beat ‘em and Eat ‘em, no matter what people say.
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    Atari VCS

    The 2600 sucked. It sucked when it was the only thing I had and it still sucks. I can see being interested in this particular moronic product though since the price dropped so much… Yeah, those are good. When you have to name three more games though you’ll be scraping the barrel pretty hard...
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    They’re talking about which specific auction some of the games came from.
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    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    If you mean SNK vs Capcom 2 then that would be massive. I’m skeptical until I see it of course…
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    Need Recommendation for S-video cable for my Neo Geo CD NTSC-J

    IIRC the CD has a standard s-video jack on the back so…literally any s-video cable made will do. Try Google. I’m seeing them as low as $2.
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    Fatal Fury 3 suspicious label

    Except for the ones that already fell off of course…
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    What would you put in your Neo Goldie cab if you owned an upscale bar or lounge?

    This is a good plan. If the clientele is broad enough (or enough broads) then if there is a single copy of Puzzle Bobble in there there will also be a stool permanently placed in front of it where someone sits and plays the game every hour the joint is open…may as well have spare copies of the...
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    Fatal Fury 3 suspicious label

    I don’t get why you care. Collecting clapped out kit-less MVS carts is supposed to keep you from caring about such things.
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    Saudi Crown Prince to acquire SNK

    Makes sense. I’ve for sure known some anime/game fans who could join ISIS.