by Neon8


US Title: Pac-Man
Japanese Title: Pac-Man
By: Namco/SNK
Year: 2000
Size: 4 Megs
Link Option? No
B/W Compatible? No
Color Compatible? Yes
Japanese Option? No
English Option? Yes


My Pac-Man Review

Pac-Man is a registered trademark of Namco. 

Pac-Man Developer-Namco/SNK Publisher-Namco/SNK $24.99 

by Neon8


Pac-Man made its debut back in August 1999 and was the 1st known character to be put on SNK's handheld by another company (Namco). SNK with some help from Namco developed the conversion to our favorite pocket it was a first as Namco let SNK use its mascot. Back in the Neo-Geo days SNK had never really got a major third party to play a role in their system's life. As I put this cartridge into my NGPC Pac-Man was restored in Neo-Pocket form. 


Graphics- 8.0 

Pac-Man isn't a graphics festival but its not like anyone expects it to be. It still gets a 8.0 as it looks exactly like its arcade counter part on the handheld. The graphics fit the game well though its only a puzzle game so it doesn't need special effects or anything. 




Gameplay- 8.0 

If you played Pac-Man as a kid or just have really fond memories of Pac-Man you'll enjoy it. The game can be played in two modes full screen where the entire screen of Pac-Man is displayed but makes the game look smaller or a scrolling mode where Pac-Man is seen in bigger view but since the entire screen is not displayed it scrolls after Pac-Man. Unfortunately there's no extra features in this game which might turn off some interest from this game. Every level is the same as its an exact conversion of the Arcade which might create some boredom to all but the most hardcore Pac-Man fans. Still many people will enjoy playing Pac-Man because of their memories of it its still in some arcades today so surely there's some demand for it. 


Sound- 7.0 

Nothing special in this game, but since it was just a conversion of Pac-Man and Pac-Man doesn't require any music it still gets a 7.0. All the little beeps are back. 


Control- 10.0 

Control is done in a flawless manner in this game as the NGPC's little joystick is extremely comfortable in this game. The game even includes a ring to put on the control to make a true arcade control on the NGPC. 


Innovation- 6.0 

Not much innovation to be found here, but it is Pac-Man and Pac-Man was innovative at one point. Of course the game's premise is based on eating dots and on occasion ghosts. :-) 



While some fans might come back to this game constantly this is mostly not true with non-hardcore Pac-Man fans that might want a little more variety and extras. Still Pac-Man is fun and is always fun to play on a trip or for the 10 minutes you have for free time. 



Pac-Man is overall a fun experience especially for big fans of it. It could have used a couple more extras or a variety of levels in my opinion though but for the cheap price of $24.99 you can't go wrong with this game.




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