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US Title: Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
Japanese Title: Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000
Year: 2000
System: Dreamcast
Other Versions? Arcade (Naomi)


Capcom & SNK (Dreamcast)


Capcom VS SNK was every 2D fighting gamer's dream. Finally two worlds would collide, who would win in a fight Ken or Terry, Geese or M. Bison these arguments and more would finally be answered. The fanboys would get what they wanted from Capcom in August of 2000.


Graphics- 9.5
The graphics look really nice and well animated in CvS. The fighters move fluidly and the backgrounds look nice too. The game has a little 3D thrown in the backgrounds and the special moves have some of it too.


Gameplay- 8.5
The game has two grooves you can use SNK or Capcom that you choose before you start fighting. In the SNK groove you powerup your super meter ala Samurai Showdown 3 and 4 by pushing a combination of buttons and powering up like in Dragon Ball Z. In the Capcom groove your super meter goes up after you attack or get hit much like most Capcom fighting games. The game features a very memorable cast of course having characters like Ken, Ryu, Terry, Kyo, Iori, Mai, Vega, Rugal and various others as there's too many to name. While some characters are even some feel worse or too good then before but hey you can't have it all in one try right. It should also be mentioned that when you choose your team you are given 4 points you can use it to get Iori for example for 2 points, Blanka for 1 point, and Rugal for 3 points. Overall Capcom VS SNK comes off with a good fighting engine and you'll truly enjoy this game if you're playing this game with 2D fighting game fans (particularly the ones who know the SNK characters well).


Sound- 9.5
The sound is awesome in this game. The soundtrack truly deserves to be heard with some great tunes from both the Capcom and SNK titles. The sound effects are back in their glory as well. Now if only they changed that announcer.....


Control- 10.0
As in all Capcom and SNK games the control is flawless and the special moves are quite easy to pull off. The combos are also not too hard to pull off with the DC controller being very responsive.


Innovation- 8.5
The game's main innovation is being the first game where two companies franchises face off. Now if only we could have had Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter back then, that would have been interesting......


Replay- 8.5
The game's main replay value spawns from playing with your fights using various SNK and Capcom rivalries. The game also lets you unlock various customs but its not nearly as enjoyable as the unlock mode in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 as you don't gain too many points from beating the game.


Overall- 9.0
Any 2D fighting fan should have this game, and while SNK purists will complain about their characters not being good enough or the art being different all I say is at least it finally happened and its better for it to happen then not, so go out and get this game it should be an enjoyable experience I can't wait for the sequel.






[Editor's Extra: For 2001, Capcom produced a DC-only update to CvS called "Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000 Pro" which included a host of minor tweaks and two new playable characters: SNK's Joe Higashi and Capcom's Dan (both as Ratio 1 fighters).  Unfortunately, this is only available as an import. 


CvS Pro


If you want to know more about the minor gameplay tweaks in CvS Pro, consult D. Greene's excellent FAQ.  -Bobak!]



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