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Thread: FLAIXNEOGEO COLLECTION (near aes usa fullset/cd usa fullset)

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    Well, there’s no skill in building a collection if you have money….mmm… maybe not if you are a millionaire, but that’s not everyone’s reality on this hobby, and then there would be no merit or skill either on succeeding in doing anything you are gifted for or have a special talent for, which is not typically true.

    Building a collection (of whatever) takes time, research, perseverance, dealing with timewasters and of course requires (more or less) money which can make things a lot easier, you have an obvious point there. I like collecting and most of the fun lies in the hunting, apart from the passion you may feel for the items you collect.

    A Neo Geo collection, specially of 100% legit items (and more so in tip top condition) is not easy to build at all, it was not even that easy 10/15+ years ago. In fact it seems that nowadays it’s actually more challenging since I read the market has been flooded with fake stuff, so there you have a potential added challenge lol.

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    Oh come on Germany member, derail thread. talked through already - click: Is collecting the hobby for the talentless?

    why no stay on awesome falix collect?

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