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    Clean Mod Work Thread!

    I figured we could use something like this since it would be nice to see alternatives to the droves of shitty modders that tend to plague the internet with their presence. I figured I would put this here since its tech and modding related but if that's wrong an admin can move it.


    This thread is intended to be a place you can post clean and proper mod work done by yourself or others. People need a place they can come and see that there is a right way of doing this sort of work.

    What does not qualify as clean modwork:
    • Excessive hot glue usage
    • Hotglueing of solder joints
    • Rats nest like wiring
    • Cold solder joints
    • Using electrical tape where it should not be
    • Using the incorrect components for the job
    • Poorly drilled holes or crappy case work

    I would also like people to post good notes about clean modders that offer their services to others in this thread as well. If you do post about someone please include pictures of their work and the price that they charged for it (if there was one). Posting and advertising your own work is fine provided it is clean and professional looking and you are not out to price gouge your customers. I want people to see that their are affordable options available to them that don't include fucktacular shoddy craftsmanship.
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