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Thread: Clear Neo Geo CD System & Debug Donation Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by GohanX View Post
    There were some Neo CD units (like mine) that didn't work with the bios for some unknown reason, even though other units with the same hardware revision worked perfectly. I sent my system to NTM so he could work his magic, but the problem was never found.

    If Turf and Dan ever want to resume researching it, I'm still down to have my system used as a guinea pig.
    I did start messing with this again last month and I'm convinced it all comes down to interference coming from the CD drive. Some systems dont have shielding on the drive PCB. Since you have to cut the motherboard shielding to allow space for the eprom to fit, the eprom and drive pcb are pretty damn close.

    When I tested a recent system with the bios adapter:
    -Drive put to the side, system worked.
    -Drive placed in normal position, no workie.
    -While a game was loading, I slowly lowered the top case into place. The closer I got, game would stop loading.
    -Placed a copper shield covering the bios and lowered the case. Worked perfectly, no errors.

    So there ya have it. I'm convinced its shielding related. A simple fix is to get some thick gage copper foil and place it over the hole needed for the bios.
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