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  1. Who you going to vote for between Trump and Hillary?
  2. Who did you actually vote for?
  3. c-c-c-combo breaker - President Trump!
  4. CALEXIT: Californians want to exit the U.S. after Trumpç—´ presidential win
  5. How long until LWK has full Trump induced meltdown?
  6. So now that the Donald is president....
  7. Are the reactions to Trump winning rational?
  8. Sick and tired of all the goddamn Trump threads... can we merge them?
  9. Hey do you guys think Trump is overrated?
  10. Ill just leave this here for LWK
  11. Who are you planning to bone first between Trump and Hillary?
  12. would you let Trump kill your mum
  13. Fag shit like this is why Trump got elected
  14. I want to piss and shit on Melania's and Ivanka's faces.
  15. would you let your daughter hang out with Donald Trump
  16. hey LWK did you just learn who Jeff Sessions is too?
  17. What happened to the trumpster fire? Where have all the faggots gone?
  18. My bad for gloating
  19. Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary
  20. sum up the member that posted before you in one phrase/slogan
  21. Gyna
  22. Make Christmas Great Again
  23. Make dating great again
  24. Time's Man of the Year
  25. Assassination attempt!
  26. Well...today's the day. The Electoral vote.
  27. just thinking
  28. Report claims Trump is Russian asset and enjoys golden showers
  29. Hot or not? Kellyanne Conway Edition
  30. Why'd Biden get the Presidential Medal of Freedom?
  31. Questions for trumpfaggot #2 (hyper)
  32. Perfect banner gif for subforum
  33. THe last 4 presidents with experience running a business.
  34. The National Day of Patriotic Devotion
  35. Trump decides to do a blind trust
  36. Alternative Facts
  37. Your tax dollars - Trump investigation into voter fraud
  38. ...and yet the DNC wonders why they faced so many problems in the election.
  39. Why aren't we talking about Trump's changes to the National Security Council?
  40. canadians shooting up a mosque now.
  41. Trumpgret
  42. I'm all for fighting Nazis
  43. DO YOU WANNA BLUE! (Do you want to fight?)
  44. Don't worry about it, just don't worry about it.
  45. How viable is war with North Korea during the Trump era?
  46. Every day is Groundhog Day
  47. The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic
  48. Let the white nationalists buy some land in North Dakota
  49. A bad high school student would understand this
  50. Remember Last Summer?
  51. Bus Driver Trump
  52. Can we change the name of this sub forum?
  53. Should every American be allowed to vote?
  54. Why is Milo famous?
  55. Own the world's greatest troll!
  56. Last night in Sweden.
  57. Does this go here?
  58. Betsy DeVos praises Jim Crow laws
  59. Becoming desensitized to insanity.
  60. Are they trying to kill the EPA? What's going on?
  61. The new obamacare.
  62. dr ben gave a speech today.
  63. Is Paul Ryan important?
  64. It all makes sense now . . .
  65. Rachel Maddow is a dumbass
  66. "The time for trivial fights is over."
  67. Trump's weekend getaways
  68. Trump-Russia collusion under investigation by FBI
  69. here's your bill. oh lolololol.
  70. How are we not talking about getting sold out to ISPs by our congress?
  71. Served a wealthy redneck at my bar today
  72. Check out Trump's body language
  73. Syria war: US launches missile strikes following chemical 'attack'
  74. Colossal piece of shit Neil Gorsuch confirmed to SC - fuck you ki_atsushi
  75. MOAB
  76. Can you guys help me figure this out?
  77. a couple of cock and balls
  78. "I Miss My Old Life..." - Donald J. Trump
  79. The President Show on Comedy Central
  80. "I Don't Stand By Anything!!" - Donald J. Trump
  81. "Our Country Needs A Good Shutdown..." - Donald J Trump
  82. Trump explains the Civil War
  83. Kushner pitches his family interests to Chinese investors with press locked out
  84. Trump Fires Comey
  85. Trump's Time interview. I am at a loss for words.
  86. more ice cream than you.
  87. The real reason behind Jeff Session's order to prosecute every criminal
  88. Dutch tv station ZEMBLA has blown the doors off Donald Trump's ties to International crime
  89. Christian Conservatives for Trump
  90. Trump gave Russians top secret information.
  91. Get Me Roger Stone
  92. Trump has a new game!
  93. If Hacking is Revealing 100% True Information- Why Do We Not Embrace It?
  94. Trump.... buys new Beach Front Condo... in...
  95. lol - hello President Pence
  96. Removal of Dodd-Frank
  97. GOP Lawmaker Targeted
  98. panama canal.
  99. Satan made me do it
  100. b-b-b-b-b-but her emails...
  101. You guuuuuuuys! The new DOJ federal asset forfeiture guidelines just came out!
  102. The parties are different
  103. Donald Trump, Champion of equality
  104. who is the gayest member of Trump's administration
  105. Peggy Noonan just took a fat shit in Trump's mouth
  106. Statue of Liberty - according to Trump team
  107. Mueller impanels grand jury
  108. White nationalists marching on UVa...
  109. bannon is out!
  110. Dilbert.jpg
  111. Trump's pledge to donate $1mm
  112. All but 8 Senators vote for 700 billion dollar military spending increase
  113. President Trump Addresses The 72nd United Nations General Assembly
  114. Do-, Re-, Mi-, Fa-, So-, La-, Ti-, Do-
  115. At what point should Trump be forcefully removed or taken out?
  116. The Future of commuting Is Happening Now- Ehang 184- Go Chinese Ehang Company!
  117. Eminem raps about Trump
  118. Colin Kaepernick files grievance against NFL over 'collusion' not to sign him....
  119. US government helped murder as many as one million Indonesian civilians in 1965
  120. The Trumpy Bear
  121. State Govt. DRONES Over My Neighborhood Every Night
  122. Paul Manafort
  123. Hillary Clinton Robbed Bernie Sanders Of The Democratic Nomination, According to Donna Bra
  124. Investigative piece on sock puppetry
  125. What if Mueller proves his case and it doesn't matter?
  126. my eyes are burning
  127. Yet another example of how full of shit the police are...
  128. The American National Anthem has ALWAYS sucked.
  129. BOMBSHELL from Project Veritas reveals MSM SCHEME to FRAME ROY MOORE.
  130. This is fucked up but also funny
  131. Racist Brit Trump re-tweeted looks like she would be savage in the sack
  132. Hypothetically speaking if Trump claims Jerusalem is the capital of Israel
  133. The term "white boy" is it offensive?
  134. The term "tranny" is it offensive?
  135. Holy shit. Doug jones wins . First dem senator in Alabama in 25 years.
  136. Hey, how did I get here?
  137. Haditha Masacre
  138. Do you like Trump as President?
  139. Trump Has The Bigger Button
  140. Do you think trumps base likes Nickelback?
  141. Do you kno da wei?
  142. Everybody ready to get sent to the protien reclamation factory?
  143. 1/29/18 Coup d'état | Russian sanctions not needed, Nunez memo to be released, McCabe Out
  144. The Rob Porter Smokescreen
  145. Is Trump having a neo-geo.com style meltdown on Twitter?
  146. Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un to meet 'as soon as possible'
  147. China scrapping term limits, thoughts?
  148. House Intel Republicans vote NO collusion between Trump & Russia
  149. Tillerson out; Melania rumored to be “out”
  150. The white "Cleansing" of the State Dept
  151. LWK, montatez, NeotrAsh, what's up guys? Tell me all about the librul deep state
  152. Rare new photo of NeoDogg found!
  153. McMaster out the pattern is clear
  154. Anyone up for a DVD tonight?
  155. If Russia really wanted to fuck with America
  156. Syria... After 8 years... Why hasn't the World sorted this shit out?
  157. For anyone who doesn't know,
  158. In 20 years where do you see the world going?
  159. Netanyoohoo vs. Iran?
  160. Closed entirely?
  161. Trump has withdrawn the US from the Iran Deal.
  162. How can Nikki Haley be so evil (and blindly pro Israeli)?
  163. TRADE WAR!... unsure about you... but I have no idea how it affects me...
  164. Argentina cancels football friendly against Israel
  165. Ash, Krauser, montanez, where are you faggots?
  166. Trump, Fox News, and Murdoch
  167. Anthony Kennedy retires next month.
  168. things "I" sold to make money for this bottomless pit hobby
  169. Russian chickenhead who infiltrated NRA and Republicans used sex
  170. What do you make of the White Helmets?
  171. Are you QAnon?
  172. Jesus
  173. :siren:
  174. Fashwave
  175. Muslims get a pretty bad rap just for being Muslim
  176. Kavenaugh hearings are on
  177. How about a laugh for a change???
  178. Trump’s Penis Looks Like Toad From Mario Kart, Says Stormy Daniels
  179. Canada: is it really the land of polite people, liberal infested haven w/ free healthcare?
  180. My Trump Theory
  181. Why the GOP is in power.
  182. I thought this was fun
  183. Ugh Trump visiting my town...
  184. So what’s the deal with this caravan thingy...?
  185. Grandma got runned over by the Trump train
  186. Well fuck, we made the news.
  187. Jair Messias Bolsonaro
  188. What's the dumbest election flyer you've gotten in the mail this year?
  189. Did You Vote?
  190. If Russia is trying to cause discord and social unrest within America...
  191. George Papadopoulos started 14-day prison sentence Monday
  192. Hilarious
  193. Least qualified nominee for UN ambassador from USA ever
  194. Merica Pew Pew maga I designed a political skateboard design
  195. Yoshi, these guilty pleas and jail time are pretty cool eh?
  196. Shit just got real YO! TRADE WAR
  197. More urine
  198. They
  199. Trumps record breaking Presidency
  200. 1950's TV show prophetizes Trump presidency
  201. Does Yoshi live in Maryland and serve in the coast guard?
  202. The ideas industry
  203. Art Of The Deal / The Emperor has no close
  204. Our owners!
  205. The future and AOC
  206. Mueller Report: So Where Are We Now?
  207. Total Exoneration!
  208. Comedian winning first round of Ukraine election
  209. What is a golden shower?
  210. Barr announces he wants to have an oranges investigation into Mueller probe
  211. Venezuela's Maduro on last legs
  212. Tax Figures 1985-1994
  213. It almost seems real
  214. Do you think it's possible to overturn Roe VS Wade?