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FAQ provided by Mouse_Master

_              _    __              _                       8888888888
 _|  | _____      / \ _|  | _____      / \              88888888888888888
|    |/     \    /  /|    |/     \    /  /         888888888888888888888
|_     ____  \  /  / |_     ____  \  /  /      88888888888888  88888888
 /    /    \  ||  |   /    /    \  ||  |   88888888888888      8888888
 \   |     |  | \  \  \   |     |  | \  \  888888888          8888888
  |  |    /  /   \  \  |  |    /  /   \  \ 8888               888888
  |__|    \_/     \_/  |__|    \_/     \_/ 888               888888
       Waku Waku 7 ~~ Galaxy Fight 2       88               888888
   |-----------------------------------|                   888888
    Insane To The Max Complete FAQ v0.0                   888888
   |-----------------------------------|                 888888
 by Khris "The KiD" <shin_kid@hotmail.com>              888888
   |-----------------------------------|               8888888
         Copyright 1999  "The KiD"                    88888888
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              Neo-Geo Version                       888888888888

 The following FAQ you are about to go through was made by me, Khris G.
 <shin_kid@hotmail.com>. It was made for the use of private and/or personal
 use only. If reproduced, it may only be done electronically. The correctness
 and accuracy of the material in this FAQ is not guaranteed, and the author
 will NOT be held responsible for any problems or damages caused in any way
 from errors or omissions. So, if you screw something up, tough luck. If
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 and/or shown on any game sites in ANY way without an express written letter
 from myself. In any other case, just don't even bother to ask. The answer is
 no. N-O. This FAQ is NOT to be given out as a sort of gift with purchases.
 It's not my forte to write all this to get others rich. All copyrights and
 trademarks are acknowledged that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.
 Please give credit where it's due... or I will find you. Period.
   Plagiarism sucks. "The KiD" has written, and so it shall be spoken. =)

 The characters of Waku Waku 7 are (c) 1996-97 Sunsoft Co., Ltd.

  This FAQ is available at:
--------------------------------------------------------------- Waku Waku 7 -
GameFAQs                                                     www.gamefaqs.com

|= table of contents =======================================================|

 1.  Universal Moves
 2.  The Max Arts
    - ES Specials
    - WakuWaku
    - DokiDoki
    - HaraHara
 3.  Special Input Commands
    - Super Mode
    - Middle Attack
    - Pursuit
    - Quick Recovery
    - Rising Attack
    - Rebound Attack
    - Safe Fall
 4.  The WakuWaku Crew
    - Rai
    - Arina
    - Slash
    - Tesse
    - Mauru
    - Dandy J
    - Politank Z
    - Makaitaitei Fernandez
    - Bonus Kun
 5.  Miscellaneous Info
    - Special Thanks
    - Secrets
    - Winning Symbols
    - Translations
    - BGM Test
    - SE Test
    - Websites
    - Revisions
    - Final Note

|= Universal Moves =========================================================|

 ub    u    uf       Jump Back            Jump Up         Jump Forward
   \   |   /
b --   N   -- f      Retreat/Block        Neutral         Advance
   /   |   \
 db    d    df       Defensive Crouch     Crouch          Offensive Crouch

Reverse left and right if on right side of screen or Player 2.

            C        D                          LP           HP

       A        B                         LK          HK

 P     - press any Punch button      K  - press any Kick button
 2P    - press both punches          2K - press both kicks
 +     - means "and"                 /  - means "or"
 (air) - can use while jumping

|= The Max Arts ============================================================|

 - ES Specials --------------------------------------------------------------

  The "ES" moves are special moves that are enhanced by during the same
  motion, but instead, pressing 2 buttons instead of the one. For example, if
  you are using Arina and wanted to do her "ES Arina Beam", you would do
  d,df,f + 2P instead of d,df,f + P. Using the ES of a move uses up 1 Level
  of your Super Meter.

 - WakuWaku -----------------------------------------------------------------

  The "WakuWaku" moves are throw techniques. They can only be performed if
  you are close to your opponent.

 - DokiDoki -----------------------------------------------------------------

  The "DokiDoki" moves are the Super Moves. When one is activated, your
  character will flash with rainbow colors, and "DokiDoki" will appear. Each
  DokiDoki requires 1 Level of Super Meter to use.

 - HaraHara -----------------------------------------------------------------

  The "HaraHara" moves special Supers that all have insane start-up time
  before they are executed. When one is activated, a siren will sound and the
  background will flash with "HaraHara: ??". Each HaraHara is capable of
  dealing twice as much damage as a DokiDoki. These also cost 1 Level of
  Super Meter.

|= Special Input Commands ==================================================|

 - Super Mode ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Press all 4 buttons simultaneously

  When Super Mode is activated, your character will pose as they are
  surrounded with a burst of energy. The burst is able to hit opponent and
  can be used as a counter if blocking. During Super Mode, your character
  will flash a yellowish hue and their attacks will be 2x stronger. "Super"
  will appear under your character's Life Meter; it gradually get smaller and
  eventually fade from sight, thus ending Super Mode. Costs 1 stock of Super
  Meter to use.

 - Middle Attack ------------------------------------------------------------

  Press HP + HK together

  Middle Attacks are attacks that can ONLY be blocked by standing (high). It
  will hit crouching opponent no matter if they are blocking or not.

 - Pursuit ------------------------------------------------------------------

  When opponent is on the ground, press u + any regular attack button

  Like in many 3D games, after the opponent is knocked to the ground, your
  character can follow it up with a Pursuit; making your character jump up
  and land on the fallen opponent's body with an attack. If the Pursuit is
  missed, your character will leap back in the air, vulnerable to attacks.

 - Quick Recovery -----------------------------------------------------------

  Press any action button the second right before hitting the ground

  After throws that toss you up in the air, instead of having your character
  crash into the ground, you can quick recover. They will spring off the
  ground and flip to their feet, not taking the full damage from the throw
  and negating any pursuit chances.

 - Rising Attack ------------------------------------------------------------

  Tap u + any regular attack button rapidly after being knocked down

  A Rising Attack is an attack your character can perform as they are
  standing from being knocked down.

 - Rebound Attack -----------------------------------------------------------

  Press any kick button when you hit the wall

  A Rebound Attack is when your character flies into a wall, then leaps back
  at the opponent with a retaliation attack. You don't take damage from
  hitting the wall if you Rebound Attack.

 - Safe Fall ----------------------------------------------------------------

  Press any punch button when you hit the wall

  A Safe Fall is when you hit "catch" the wall, and just fall to the ground
  on your feet. You don't take the damage from hitting the wall if you Safe

|= The WakuWaku Crew =======================================================|

  It is said that the person who collects all sevens of the legendary WakuWaku 
balls will have their dearest wish granted. Those who find one of the balls 
become obsessed with the ruthless desire to obtain the others, who will be 
victorious in the bitter battle to become the owner of all the balls. Victory 
or defeat - it all lies in your hand.

RAI                                                   Dengeki Wanpaku Shounen
_______The Red Gemstone______________________________________________________

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Punch Smash                             When close, b/f + D
Inazuma Cannon                          qcf + P (air)
Inazuma Upper                           f,d,df + P
Inazuma Upper Renda                     f,d,df + P, tap P rapidly
Inazuma Upper Renda w/down blast        f,d,df + P, tap P rapidly, d + P
Inazuma Upper Renda w/side blast        f,d,df + P, tap P rapidly, f + P
Inazuma Crash                           qcb + P
Air Inazuma Crash                       Jump, qcb + P after Super Mode

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Inazuma Cannon                       qcf + 2P (air)
ES Inazuma Upper                        f,d,df + 2P
ES Inazuma Upper Renda                  f,d,df + 2P, tap D rapidly
ES Inazuma Upper Renda w/down blast     f,d,df + 2P, tap D rapidly, d + D
ES Inazuma Upper Renda w/side blast     f,d,df + 2P, tap D rapidly, f + D
ES Inazuma Crash                        qcb + 2P
ES Air Inazuma Crash                    Jump, qcb + 2P after Super Mode

  [Miscellaneous Moves]
Shagami Hoki                            Hold df
High Jump Tame                          Press 2K
Sui Jiku High Jump                      Tap u after High Jump Tame
Zen Naname High Jump                    Tap uf after High Jump Tame
Ato Naname High Jump                    Tap ub after High Jump Tame
Sankaku Tobi                            Jump on wall, tap opposite direction
Renzoku Punch                           Tap C rapidly
Futtobe Ken                             f + D
Futtobe Kyaku                           f + B
Rolling Knuckle                         f,f + D
Kaminari da! Kick                       f,f + B
Nouten Kick                             Jump, d + B
Kawashi Kick                            While standing, b/f + B
Smash Hammerfist                        Press HP + HK

Dai Kaiten High Jump Touge              When close, hcb + B

Bakurai Hurricane                       d,d + 2P/2K

Gourai Tempest                          b,hcb + 2K
Chou Chikara Gourai Dengeki Ken         f,hcf + 2K

 - The Inazuma Crash can negate some projectiles.
 - The Renzoku Punch is just normal punches that are able to chain into each
   other. There's no special animation when doing it.

"Ide!"                                  Vs.CPU Intro
"Like so, like so!"                     1st Win
"Ahh, mo da ne."                        2nd Loss
"Chikushou!"                            While standing
"Gou ya!"                               During Dai Kaiten High Jump Touge
"Inazuma Cannon!"                       During Inazuma Cannon
"Inazuma Upper!"                        During Inazuma Upper
"Inazuma Crash!"                        During Inazuma Crash
"Super Rai!"                            During Power Up
"Bakurai Hurricane!"                    During Bakurai Hurricane
"Gourai Tempest!"                       During Gourai Tempest

ARINA                                                    Honoo no Otenba Shou
_______The Orange Gemstone___________________________________________________

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Back Throw                              When close, b/f + D
Butt Springer                           When close, b/f + B
Air Raid                                When close in air, b/f/d + D
Arina Beam Horizontal                   qcf + C, hold C, then release (air)
Arina Beam Up-Diagonal                  qcf + D, hold D, then release (air)
Arina Tornado                           qcb + K, tap K rapidly
Arina Crash                             f,d,df + P, tap P rapidly

  [Powered up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Arina Beam                           qcf + 2P (air)
ES Arina Tornado                        qcb + 2K
ES Arina Crash                          f,d,df + 2P, tap D steadily

  [Miscellaneous Moves]
2 Dan Kick                              Press B,B
Renzoku Punch                           Tap C rapidly
Renzoku Shagami Jaku Punch              While crouching, tap C rapidly
Renzoku Shagami Kyou Punch              While crouching, tap D rapidly
Renzoku Jump Jaku Punch                 While jumping, tap C rapidly
Renzoku Jump Kyou Punch                 While jumping, tap D rapidly
Hehe~n                                  While jumping, tap A rapidly
Arina Hop Kick                          Press HP + HK

Face Crusher                            When close, hcb + B

Arina Special                           d,d + 2P/2K (air)

Arina Carnival                          f,hcf + 2K

 - To make the ES Arina Crash get the full 10 hits, you have to press D in a
   steady pace. Jamming on D won't get the full hits.
 - If the ES Arina Beam hits opponent twice, it will cause a dizzy.
 - All versions of the Renzoku Punch are just normal punches that are able to
   chain into each other. There's no special animation when doing it.
 - The Hehe~n hits each time you press A.

"?? no yo!"                             Vs.CPU Intro
"Yay!"                                  1st Win
"Yatta!"                                2nd Win
  [I did it!]
"?? no yo!"                             During pursuit attack
"Yeah!"                                 During Back Throw
"Arina Beam!"                           During ES Arina Beam
"Dou da?"                               During Arina Tornado
"Arina Tornado!"                        During ES Arina Tornado
"?? da!"                                During Arina Crash
"Arina Crash!"                          During ES Arina Crash
"Hehe~n!"                               During Hehe~n
"Super Arina!"                          During Power Up
"Arina Special!"                        During Arina Special
"Arina Carnival!"                       During Arina Carnival

SLASH                                                         Rurou no Kenshi
_______The Purple Gemstone___________________________________________________

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Kick Turn Throw                         When close, b/f + D
Air Kick Turn Throw                     When close in air, b/f/d + D
Slash Shot                              qcf + P
Slash Barrier                           qcb + P
Slash Dynamic                           f,d,df + P
Slash Teleport                          b,d,db
  Air back                                     + C
  Air above                                    + D
  Air forward                                  + A
  Ground forward                               + B
Air Slash Teleport                      Jump, b,d,db
  Ground back                                        + C
  Ground below                                       + D
  Ground forward                                     + A
  Air forward                                        + B

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Slash Shot                           qcf + 2P
ES Slash Dynamic                        f,d,df + 2P
ES Slash Barrier                        qcb + 2P

  [Miscellaneous Attacks]
Sankaku Tobi                            Jump on wall, tap opposite direction
Tsuki                                   f + C
Renzoku Zanri                           f + D
Gedan Tsuki                             f + A
Hizageri                                f + B
Zanri Jouge                             Jump, d + C
Zanri Geroshi                           Jump, d + D
Kabuto Wari                             Jump, d + A
High Kick                               Jump, d + B
Slash Strike                            Press HP + HK

Slash Corridor                          When close, hcb + B

Darkness Wind                           d,d + 2P/2K

Darkness Rush                           f,hcf + 2K

"Max!"                                  During Power Up
"Slash Corridor!"                       During Slash Corridor

TESSE                                                          Shoujo Ningyou
_______The Yellow Gemstone___________________________________________________

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Nobinobi Arm Nage                       When close, b/f + D
Air Nobinobi Arm Nage                   When close in air, b/f/d + D
Arekore Poi                             qcf + C, hold C, then release
Himitsu Arekore Poi                     qcf + D, hold D, then release
Air Arekore Poi                         Jump, qcf + C, hold C, then release
Air Himitsu Arekore Poi                 Jump, qcf + D, hold D, then release
 -= Arekore Poi Item Listing and Distance (in order as they appear)
   - Coffee Cup               Very Near
   - Plate                    Near
   - Book                     Near
   - Robot Dog                Across screen, low
   - Robot Bird               Across screen, high
   - Cactus Plant             Near (causes instant dizzy)
   - Bomb                     Across screen, low
   - Bullet Bill              Across screen, high
Chikuchiku Attack                       f,d,df + P
Chuuchuu Attack                         b,d,db + P
Denshi Kousen                           qcf + K

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Himitsu Arekore Poi                  qcf + 2P, Hold D, then release
ES Air Himitsu Arekore Poi              Jump, qcf + 2P, Hold D, then release
ES Chikuchiku Attack                    f,d,df + 2P
ES Chuuchuu Attack                      b,d,db + 2P
ES Denshi Kousen                        qcf + 2P

  [Miscellaneous Moves]
Nobinobi Arm Jaku                       f + C
Nobinobi Arm Kyou                       f + D
Shagami Nobinobi Arm Jaku               df + C
Shagami Nobinobi Arm Kyou               df + D
Dress Spin                              Press HP + HK

Guruguru Pa!                            When close, hcb + B

Chou Denshi Eraser                      d,d + 2P/2K

Chou Denshi Kai Kousen                  qcb,f + 2K

  - When holding the button down during the Amekore Poi, Tesse will cycle
    through items within a thought bubble. When you approach the one you want
    to use, release the button. For the Himitsu Amekore Poi, the items are
    not seen, but can be guessed by the sound of Tesse's voice. If you hold
    the button too long and reach the end of the list, Tesse will use the
    "Bullet Bill" item automatically. She is vulnerable during this attack.
  - The Chikuchiku and Chuuchuu are able to catch people out the air and
    negate projectiles.

"Eh? Irasshaimase."                     Vs.CPU Intro
  [Huh? Welcome.]
"Sumimasen."                            1st Win
  [Excuse me.]
"Go-gomenasai."                         2nd Win
  [I'm sorry.]
"Hakase.."                              2nd Loss
"Guru~ guru~ pa!"                       During Guruguru Pa!
  [Round and round..!]
"Ikimasu yo!                            During Chikuchiku/Chuuchuu Attack

MAURU                                                          Mori no Taijou
_______The Green Gemstone____________________________________________________

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Poi                                     When close, b/f + D
Kuuchuu Poi                             When close in air, b/f/d + D
Guruguru Punch                          qcf + P
Body Press                              qcb + K
Bunbun Copter                           f,d,df + P

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Guruguru Punch                       qcf + 2P
ES Body Press                           qcb + 2K
ES Bunbun Copter                        f,d,df + 2P

  [Miscellaneous Attacks]
WakuWaku Upper                          f + D
Heaven's Fist                           Jump, u + D
Double Claw                             Press HP + HK

Mauru Binta                             When close, hcb + B

Miracle Voice                           d,d + 2P/2K

Bunbun Typhoon                          360 + 2P

 - Mauru's Miracle Voice HaraHara has the shortest start-up time.

"Yosha, yatta!"                          1st Win
  [Alright, yeah!]
"Yay!"                                   2nd Win
"Jump!"                                  During jumping or Pursuit
"Punch!"                                 During Guruguru Punch
"Kick!"                                  During standing light kick (A)

DANDY J                                                       Treasure Hunter
_______The Blue Gemstone_____________________________________________________

  [Hissastsu Waza]
Banmotsu Gou Soku Kyuu Nage             When close, b/f + D
Air Banmotsu Gou Soku Kyuu Nage         When close in air, b/f/d + D
High Hissatsu Rope                      qcf + P
High Hissatsu Rope Ren Hai Hanabi       P,P after High Hissatsu Rope
High Hissatsu Rope Gouin Teikiatsu      b + P after High Hissatsu Rope
High Hissatsu Rope Taifuu Mouda         360 + P after High Hissatsu Rope G.T.
Low Hissatsu Rope                       qcf + K
Low Hissatsu Rope Ren Hai Hanabi        K,K after Low Hissatsu Rope
Low Hissatsu Rope Gouin Teikiatsu       b + K after Low Hissatsu Rope
Low Hissatsu Rope Taifuu Mouda          360 + K after Low Hissatsu Rope G.T.
Air Hissatsu Rope                       Jump, qcf + P
Air Hissatsu Rope Ren Hai Hanabi        P,P after Air Hissatsu Rope
Air Hissastu Gouin Teikiatsu            b + P after Air Hissatsu Rope
Air Hissatsu Rope Taifuu Mouda          360 + P after Air Hissatsu Rope G.T.
Kyou Ijin Tei Hatsu Hi Ken              f,d,df + P
Natsumi: Ranpoo Nage                    qcb,qcb + K
Ranpoo: Natsumi Nage                    qcb,qcb + P

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES High Hissatsu Rope                   qcf + 2P
ES Low Hissatsu Rope                    qcf + 2K
ES Air Hissatsu Rope                    Jump, qcf + 2P
ES Kyou Ijin Karada Hatsu Hi Ken        f,d,df + 2P

  [Miscellaneous Attacks]
Forward Dash Cancel                     C/D/A/B during forward dash
Axe Kick                                Press HP + HK

Jou Shi Ka Shi Ten Nage                 When close, hcb + B

Tai Shoumetsu Ryuushi Kasoku Ken        d,d + 2P/2K

Kyou Ten Dou Chi Ginga Gekitotsu Otoshi qcf,hcb + 2P
Dai Youryou Seiden Ken                  f,b,f,b,f + 2P

 - As soon as any Hissatsu Rope hits, immediately do the next motion. Each
   stage of the attack can be cancelled anytime to move on to the next part.
 - And yes, Natsumi is a very bouncy girl. ^_^

"Dandy!"                                Intro
"Nani ka yo ka?"                        Vs.CPU Intro
"Yosha!"                                1st Win
"Yatta yatta!" "Mino hodo shi de."      2nd Win
  [Yes yes!] [??]
"Makita da!"                            1st Loss
"Sayounara!"                            2nd Loss
"Nane za!"                              During Rising Attack
"Uppercut!"                             During Kyou Ijin Tei Hatsu Hi Ken
"Ok! Sore!"                             During Natsumi: Ranpoo Nage
  [Ok! There!]
"Ok! Hurry!"                            During Ranpoo: Natsumi Nage
"No!"                                   During Dai Youryou Seiden Ken

POLITANK Z                                                     Saikyou Sensha
_______The Light Blue Gemstone_______________________________________________

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Tsukami Gekichi                         When close, b/f + D
Z Dama                                  qcf + P
 -= Z Dama Explosive Listing and Distance
   - Bomb                     Very Near
   - Grenade                  Near
   - Big Grenade              Near
   - Napalm                   Far
   - Mine                     Very Far
Doku Doku Smoke                         qcf + K
Guru Rinmogurin                         b,db,d + K

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Z Dama                               qcf + 2P
ES Doku Doku Smoke                      qcf + 2K
ES Guru Rinmogurin                      b,db,d + 2K

  [Miscellaneous Moves]
Shagami Idou                            Hold df
Double Swing Arm                        C,C (air)
Pachinko Hou Rencha                     Tap A rapidly
Caterpillar Kick                        Tap B rapidly
Drill Arm                               f + D, tap D rapidly
Zenshin Caterpillar Kick                f + B, tap B rapidly
Spin Kick                               f,f + B
Missile Waza Shita                      Jump, d + B
Tank Jab                                Press HP + HK

Ningen Dai Hou                          When close, hcb + B

Bikkuri Dokkiri Dan                     d,d + 2P/2K

Gyro Bakugeki                           b,d,db + 2P

 - Politank Z's Bikkuri Dokkiri Dan HaraHara has the longest start-up time.
 - Depending on how long you hold down the button for the Z Dama determines
   which type of grenade is shot.
 - The Guru Rinmogurin must be blocked low at first, then high when Politank
   Z jumps.
 - The Ningen Dai Hou has long reach, but can be blocked.

MAKAITAITEI FERNANDEZ                            Saijou Saidai Saikyou Saiaku

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Beroncho Poi Death                      When close, b/f + D
High Tokudai Death Punch                qcf + C
Low Tokudai Death Punch                 qcf + D
High Tokudai Death Kick                 qcf + A
Low Tokudai Death Kick                  qcf + B
Jump Tokudai Death Kick                 Jump, qcf + B
Kurunarakoi Death                       qcb + K
Tobu Death Dessuun                      f,d,df + P
Goodnight Death Kiss                    Press HP + HK
Vacuum Death                            d + P, hold d + P after Goodnight
                                          Death Kiss

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Kurunarakoi Death                    qcb + 2K
ES Tobu Death Dessuun                   f,d,df + 2P

  [Miscellaneous Moves]
Body Attack Death                       Jump, d + D

Mogumogu Buuddesu                       When close, hcb + B

Korogaru Death                          d,d + 2P/2K

Okotta Dessuun                          f,hcf + 2P

 - The Korogaru Death HaraHara has no start-up lag time.

"Ne, Super desu!"                       During Power Up

BONUS KUN                                              Nekketsu Kakutou Yarou

  [Hissatsu Waza]
Kou Shuu Tan                            qcf + P
Uzumaki Boufuu Kyaku                    qcb + K
Bou Bou Ken                             f,d,df + P

  [Powered Up Hissatsu Waza]
ES Kou Shuu Tan                         qcf + 2P
ES Uzumaki Boukuu Kyaku                 qcb + 2K
ES Bou Bou Ken                          f,d,df + 2P

  [Miscellaneous Moves]
Headslam                                Press HP + HK

Shou Shin Bomber                        d,d + 2P/2K

Chou Arata Netsu Dai Sharin             f,hcf + 2K

 - The Shou Shin Bomber has homing ability.

"Kou Shuu Tan!"                         During Kou Shuu Tan
"Uzumaki Boufuu Kyaku!"                 During Uzumaki Boufuu Kyaku
"Bou Bou Ken!"                          During Bou Bou Ken

|= Miscellaneous Stuff =====================================================|

SPECIAL THANKS  _____________________________________________________________

  - Thanks for the great game! Nice to play a non-serious fighter for once!
    Please make a sequel and bring back Tesse!!

 Sutorappedo Kuruu
  - Mah boyz! SC-4eva!

 Jacob Poon  <jacob.poon@utoronto.ca>
  - For the Neo-Geo version secrets, and button configuration!

SECRETS  ____________________________________________________________________

   Reverse Title                    When "Credits" is 7 or 77.

   Waku Waku Calendar               Appears when opening demo is looped 7

   Arina Stage Song Lyrics          When fighting Arina, before "Round 1"
                                    appears, press Start, then A+D.

   Hi-speed Waku Ball rotation      On character selection screen, rotate

   Widescreen Mode                  On character selection screen, press
                                    right+Start+C simultaneously.

   Choose Black Color               On character selection screen, press
                                    d + A+B+C+D simultaneously.

   Change CPU Character Color       On character selection screen, press
                                    upperright+Start+A simultaneously.

   Change Winning Mark              On character selection screen, press
                                    left+Start simultaneously. If done right,
                                    a voice will be heard. Doing the code
                                    again changes the marks back to normal.

TRANSLATIONS  _______________________________________________________________

  WakuWaku                                Be excited
  HaraHara                                Falling rapidly in little drops
  DokiDoki                                Beat(fast)
  Hissatsu Waza                           Certain Kill Technique

  Dengeki Wanpaku Shounen                 Electroconvulsive Naughty Boy
  Inazuma                                 Lightning
  Renda                                   Barrage
  Shagami Hoki                            Crouching Walk
  High Jump Tame                          High Jump Advantage
  Zen Naname High Jump                    In Front Obliqueness High Jump
  Ato Naname High Jump                    Behind Obliqueness High Jump
  Sankaku Tobi                            Triangle Jump
  Renzoku Punch                           Consecutive Punch
  Futtobe Ken /Kyaku                      Blow Out Fist / Kick
  Kaminari da! Kick                       Thunder! Kick
  Nouten Kick                             Head Crown Kick
  Dai Taiken High Jump Nage               Large Revolving High Jump Throw
  Bakurai Hurricane                       Depth Charge Hurricane
  Gourai Tempest                          Roaring Thunder Tempest
  Chou Chikara Gourai Dengeki Ken         Super Strength Roaring Thunder
                                            Electric Shock Fist

  Honoo no Otenba Jou                     Blazing Tomboy Girl
  Renzoku Punch                           Consecutive Punch
  Shagami Jaku Punch                      Crouching Weak Punch
  Shagami Kyou Punch                      Crouching Strong Punch
  2 Dan Kick                              2 Step Kick

  Rurou no Kenshi                         Wandering Fencer
  Sankaku Tobi                            Triangle Jump
  Tsuki                                   Stab
  Renzoku Zanri                           Continuous Killing
  Gedan Tsuki                             Low Step Stab
  Hizageri                                Knee Kick
  Zanri Jouge                             Higher Kill
  Geroshi Jouge                           Lower Kill
  Kabuto Wari                             Helmet Divide

  Shoujo Ningyou                          Little Girl Doll
  (Himitsu) Arekore Poi                   (Secret) ???
  Chikuchiku Attack                       Prickling Pain Attack
  Chuuchuu Attack                         Kiss Kiss Attack
  Denshi Kousen                           Electron Beam
  (Shagami) Nobinobi Arm Jaku             (Crouching) Extending Weak Arm
  (Shagami) Nobinobi Arm Kyou             (Crouching) Extending Strong Arm
  Guruguru pa!                            Round and Round
  Chou Denshi Eraser                      Super Electron Eraser
  Chou Denshi Kai Kousen                  Super Suspicious Electron Beam

  Banmotsu Gou Soku Kyuu Nage             All Creation Powerful Fast Ball
  Hissatsu Rope                           Certain Kill Rope
  Hissatsu Rope Ren Hai Hanabi            C.K.R. Party Discarding Fireworks
  Hissatsu Rope Gouin Teikiatsu           C.K.R. Overbearing Bad Temper
  Hissatsu Rope Taifuu Mouda              C.K.R. Typhoon Heavy Hit
  Kyou Ijin Tei Hatsu Hi Ken              Amazed Foreigner Body Departing
                                            Fire Fist
  Natsumi: Ranpoo Nage                    Natsumi: Rampoo Throw
  Ranpoo: Natsumi Nage                    Rampoo: Natsumi Throw
  Jou Shi Ka Shi Ten Nage                 Above Death Below Death Mark Throw
  Tai Shoumetsu Ryuushi Kasoku Ken        Equal Lapse Particle Acceleration
  Kyou Ten Dou Chi Ginga Gekitotsu Otoshi Amazed Heaven Shifting Earth and
                                            Galaxy Crushing Drop
  Dai Youryou Seiden Ken                  Large Capacity Electrostatic Fist

  Mori no Taijou                          Boss of the Forest
  Guruguru Punch                          Round and Round Punch
  Mauru Binta                             Mauru Slap

  Saikyou Sensha                          Strongest Tank
  Tsukami Gekichi                         Grabbing Strike
  Z Dama                                  Z Ball
  Doku Doku Smoke                         Toxic Poison Smoke
  Shagami Idou                            Crouching Removal
  Pachinko Hou Rencha                     Pachinko Rapid-fire Cannon
  Zenshin Caterpillar Kick                Advance Caterpillar Kick
  Missile Waza Shita                      Missile Technique Low
  Ningen Dai Hou                          Large Human Cannon
  Bikkuri Dokkiri Dan                     Frightened Shocked Bullet
  Gyro Bakugeki                           Gyro Bombing

  Saijou Saidai Saikyou Saiaku            Historically the greatest, the
                                             strongest, and the worse
  Tokudai                                 Extra-Large
  Korogaru Death                          Rolling Death

  Nekketsu Kakatou Yarou                  Hot-blooded Fighting Rascal
  Kou Shuu Tan                            Hard Attack Eat
  Uzumaki Boufuu Kyaku                    Whirlpool Windstorm Kick
  Bou Bou Ken                             Outburst Stick Solid
  Chou Arata Netsu Dai Sharin             Super Miraculous Fever Large Wheel
  Shou Shin Bomber                        Burning Body Bomber

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REVISIONS  __________________________________________________________________

 Version 0.0 <July 13, 1999>
  - Neo-Geo version FAQ introduction

FINAL NOTE  _________________________________________________________________


  Presenting the Neo-Geo exclusive version of the "WakuWaku 7" FAQ. Since the 
button configuration is totally different, it seemed best to make another FAQ 
with the button changes. I personally would like to thank Jacob Poon for this 
idea and for bringing it to my attention. ^_^ This version of the FAQ is much 
more compact then the Saturn's version since Saturn-only information has been 
taken out. But in any case, all the prime information is available.
Here's a list of things that may show up in future installments:
  1) Finalization on any Neo-Geo changes and moves
  2) Correct speech translations and input
  3) Losing quotes
  4) Any other miscellaneous stuff (i.e- combos, strategies, etc.)
Any questions or info regarding the game, send it in! I enjoy getting stuff.
If you want to know about the game, or want a review, just ask. Thanks!
   Abayo, minna!
   - The KiD

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