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Unzen (雲仙), also known as Unzen the Kongo Arhat (金剛阿羅漢雲仙, Kongōarahan Unzen) is a character from Ninja Master's. He is voiced by Masahiko Yano.


Unzen is a former monk, kicked out of his temple due to his violent nature and lack of talent for the art. Although he is isolated from his brethren, he is determined to prove his worth in anyway that he can. He heads for the mountains alone with hopes to find his true purpose in life. After his journey, he decides to use his strength for construction work, expanding the temple and building homes for others.


A hot-headed but caring giant, Unzen works for the good of others. He wants to make use of his brutish strength in anyway that he can. He also relishes in personal luxuries, such as sake and women.


  • Above average strength - Unzen is a very strong man, capable of lifting a man with only one hand.
  • Fiery Attacks - Unzen can attack with fire based attacks.

Fighting Style

Unzen is a slow yet strong grappling character. While wielding his weapon, he gains a longer reach but suffers from a staggered recovery time.


  • Todoroki / Go - Ninja Master's

Game Appearances


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