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Tesse Ronbllozo (ティセ・ロンブローゾ) is a character who appears in Waku Waku 7. Her official nickname is "The Beautiful Doll". She's associated with the yellow Waku Waku ball, making her gemstone topaz.


Teese is one of seven dolls created by Dr. Ronbllozo. She acts as one of his servants and usually cooks him meals or keeps the house clean. One day, he collapsed and his condition showed no indication of improvement. Hearing of the Waku Waku balls, she leaves her home for the first time to wish him well.


A timid and shy girl who always acts in a polite manner. She wishes to someday be a real human and believes that she'll become one through hard work and effort.


  • Conduct Electricity - Tesse can use the bolts above her head to produce small bolts of electricity.
  • Morph - Teese can change her body's attire and appearance at will. She can equip herself with cleaning tools, a giant syringe, and even a cannon.
  • Hidden Weapons - Tesse can throw various items hidden underneath her apron.
  • Float - Teese floats during battle.
  • Teleport - Teese can appear above her opponent.

Fighting Style

Teese is a defensive mid to long-ranged fighter who wins the day with keep-away tactics. Since she was programmed to be a maid, she is usually depicted performing stereotypical household duties in her fights (such as cleaning, nurturing, etc). Her modest manners remain during fights as she either warns or apologizes for her attacks.


  • Tesse Stage Opening - Waku Waku 7
  • Dream Waltz - Waku Waku 7

Game Appearances


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