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by Hakkun
File:2020 super baseball1.gif
US Title: Super Baseball 2020
Japanese Title: Super Baseball 2020
By: Pallas
Year: 1991
Size: 46 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

First off: I'm not a huge fan of futuristic sports games. Maybe because I like playing the traditional versions or maybe just because some futuristic sports aren't fun due to their new rules. Take Soccer Brawl for example. Don't get me wrong, it's a great game and I often play it, but due to its futuristic rules it's not a soccer game anymore: it's a beat 'em up; a shoot 'em up maybe... :-) A real sport has certain rules that are the core of that sport itself. Breaking them can result in a loss of fun, making the game a bad one. Super Baseball 2020 is a good game and its futuristic rules, even if simple, are well done.

File:2020 super baseball2.gif

So what's makes Super Baseball 2020 different from real baseball?

Apart of the futuristic setting (cyber stadium, robots, etc.) the field has been changed a little bit. The homerun zone is now only in front of the batter and the remaining part of the stadium (on the left and on the right of this homerun zone) is filled with people watching the match. The ball hitting this zone always comes back into the field but gives the batter enough time to take a base or two.

The homerun zone has been reduced due to some power-up effects the batter can receive making easier to score a homerun. The foul zone has been reduced too, it's now shorter and ends respectively on the first base on the right and on the third base on the left. This means that strong hits can easily go over it.

There are also a stop zone and a jump zone. The first, when touched, completely arrests the ball while the second allows you to jump higher to try catching the ball (often when the ball flies to the homerun zone!).

In Game 3

I told you about some power-up effects, let's get deeper into them. Every time you do something positive (i.e. you score a homerun, etc.) you gain some cash and vice-versa. This money can be spent to buy abilities to hit the ball stronger, to launch it faster, etc. This feature gives the game a little bit more strategy since you have to carefully choose when and how to use them. While the power-ups give you something positive the head judge will often book you or your opponent for an unknown reason filling the field with mines. This is a useless feature since both you and your opponent will rarely touch one of those mines.

Above all, SB 2020 is still a baseball game so if you like this sport you won't be disappointed. Those not interested in this cool sport should avoid it since the futuristic additions don't change it so much from the real one.

The graphics are good but not impressive -but it is a 1990 game and you should take count of this. The sound is better and both the music and the voices are well done. The music isn't annoying even if you play this game for a long time. [GRAPHIC: 73/100, SOUND: 78/100]

SB 2020 isn't flawless and its biggest problem is that you'll often find yourself doing the same things inning after inning, match after match. But this is a problem certain sports like baseball, golf, etc. have when turned into a videogame. Anyway SB 2020 has something addictive and I often find myself playing it for a lot of time. [REPLAY VALUE: 77/100]

SB 2020 is an inexpensive game and a nice addition to your collection. Games like Baseball Stars 2 are surely better, but this one has well made futuristic rules and you'll enjoy playing it. [OVERALL 76/100]



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