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written by Lord Wolfgang Krauser
US Title: Spinmaster
Japanese Title: Miracle Adventure
By: Data East
Year: 1993
Size: 90 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

Graphics: 10


Playability: 8
Control: 9 Sound: 7

Well let me tell you this is a good game to own, but i have my gripes with the short lived gameplay.......


Playability-8 Hmm not typical to see a neo title get an "8" but i liked spinmaster a little less but keep in mind this game was a barrow over from data-east a company im not to familiar with. As for the characters i liked there use i mean YO-YO's Yeehaa! when your younger this kinda stuff appeals to you and when you get older it still does LOL. Everything from special attacks to jumping to dodging its all here and all good. Characters such as these are a rare find but are cool none the less! This game screams unique!

Control -9 if you like a good controlling platformer adventure this is your game but sadly it it wasn't mine:( character jumps are nice and fast bosses are fast no slow down here:)


Sound 7 Hmm. When i cant remember a games music its because it sucks! but not here the music is ok but the voices could have sounded a lot better. especially the title voice but hey this is still a good game nothing bad right???? he he read on!

Graphics 10 Great colors really detailed stages and bosses are in that traditional neo style YOU JUST GOTTA LOVE IT! everything from Egypt to Roman armor its all there n all out insanity

Replay 7 Uh ohh....... i don't have a big replay value here because THIS GAME IS TOO SHORT:( it ends before it begins a little more effort on data easts part could have helped:( It just aint fun to spend 140+ on a game that ends too quickly but hey if you love this game discard this factor.


Story 6 nothing new here it reminded me of mario "SAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND GET THE TREASURE" It could have had a much better story line in fact i think the evil doctor dokked looks like wily from megaman lol oh well:)

Overall 7 a short review yes but a good one its the way i feel about this game get the mvs and call it a day unless your a psycho home cart collector.


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