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Template:GameInfoboxSoccer Brawl is a futuristic soccer game first released in arcades on February 14, 1992. It was available on the Neo Geo on March 13 the same year and later for the Neo Geo CD on March 31, 1995.


It is a futuristic soccer game that uses either bionic people or cyborgs for the players. It is a two-player game where you pick a home land from one of ten countries including Italy, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Japan, et. al. After selecting one of two stadiums, either a dome or an open field, the 5-on-5 soccer match begins with a goalie for each team. You can hold either A for a power shot while on offense, or A for a super punch to disable opponents while on defense.

The half time shows are humorous monochrome skits with the referee.