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Reon in the game intro.

Shippu no Reon (疾風の鈴音, Shippū no Reon) is a character introduced in Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidou Retsuden as the mandatory party character for the second chapter of the game.

Although developers jokingly state that Reon's gender is unknown, various hints throughout the game indicate that Reon is female. Originally, her older design was a scrapped boss character for the first chapter of the game. When the director pressed for an original hero, the design continued its development to create Reon. Her ninja-like design was a prominent element that carried over from her planning stages. Her prototype name was "Kaze no Tobimaru" (風ノ飛丸).

Reon is voiced by Urara Takano.


As the last member of her clan, Reon is dedicated to fulfilling her family's mission to eradicate Mizuki. Seeing as she is the only one who can destroy the demon's evil bells, Reon joins the hero's party as its last -or second- member.


Reon is always serious and blunt, acting as the analytical voice of reason in complicated situations. Although she is initially cold to the party, Reon softens to be a caring and generous spirit. Occasionally, she laments her ineptitude to cope with her sex but finds encouragement from others to persevere her mission.


  • Aerokinesis - Reon has some powers over the wind and air currents.
    • Float - Reon can glide and float during battle.
    • Teleport - Reon can ride the currents of the wind and teleport herself.
    • Speed Up - Reon can boost the speed of herself and others.
    • Healing - Depending on the version of the game, Reon can heal herself and others.
  • Energy Projectile - Reon can hurl a spinning blade to her opponents. She can send up to three of them at once.
  • Bushin - Reon can create two transparent replicas of herself and run through her enemies.
  • Incantations - With the use of an antique bell, Reon can use various spells and purifying techniques. She later borrows ki from her party members to produce the same effect.
  • Seals - Reon can seal the movement and some of the enemies' abilities for a time.

Fighting Style

Reon wields a long great sword in battle and stays afloat for speed. Although she can deliver heavy damage, Reon's assets are best used for defensive or supportive strategies. Her idle battle pose in the Neo Geo CD port is unique and not found on the other ports.

Game Appearances

Similar Characters


  • Although she isn't playable in any other games, a MUGEN version of her exists on the net.