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Ryoko Kano (嘉納 亮子, Kanō Ryōko) is a character in the Fighter's History series. Like Ryoko from World Heroes, she is based on the real life Judo world champion, Ryoko Tani. Her story also takes inspiration from the manga Yawara!.


Ryoko is a Judo prodigy who is proud of her family's history. One day, her grandfather Gengorō (厳五郎, Gengorō) went missing, forcing her to carry on his wishes. She enters the Great Grapple tournament to prove to the world the strength of Judo. By the end of the second tournament, her grandfather finally returns home. Gengorō congratulates her but states that she'll never surpass him. He then throws her and tells her that her real journey has just begun.


Although she is a talented Judo practitioner, Ryoko was reluctant to continue her training and didn't desire to continue the family tradition. During Gengorō's absence, she matured and realized the importance of Judo in her life. In Jean's ending in the first game, she greets him at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, meaning they met sometime back in the tournament.


  • Ignore weight: Ryoko can throw her opponents around regardless of their weight.
  • Fiery Smash: Ryoko can piledrive her opponents and smash them with a fiery effect.

Fighting Style

Her fighting style borrows elements from Judo founder, Kanō Jigorō.

Ryoko fights with traditional Judo techniques.


  • Ryoko - Fighter's History Dynamite

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