Retam and Merry

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Template:CharacterInfobox Retam and Merry (リータム&メーリィ) are an inseparable duo in Twinkle Star Sprites: La Petite Princesse. Their official nickname is "Radical Nurse".


Both Retam and Merry are catgirl nurses who want to heal the land. They want to use the Twinkle Star to try to wish for the ultimate cure.


Retam is the maternal and tolerant one while Merry is the noisy and reckless of the two.


  • Flight - They can magically power their syringe and fly
  • Multiply Syringes - They can fire several replicas of their syringe.
  • Magical Bandages - They can fill the screen with bandages and clear their side of the screen of obstacles.
  • Summon Bear - Under certain conditions, they can summon a giant red bear to attack their opponents. It will attack them with a stretcher and other types of bandages.

Game Appearances

es:Retam y Merry