Prehistoric Isle 2

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Template:GameInfobox Prehistoric Isle 2 is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up released by Yumekobo in 1999 and published by SNK. It is a sequel to Prehistoric Isle in 1930.


The plot takes us this time in the future where there have been a series of attacks in some parts of the world, leaving destruction in its wake, all this is caused once again by a invasion of legions of dinosaurs. To control this disastrous tragedy, the army sends two of his best helicopter pilots armed with high-tech weapons, with which it hopes to eradicate the prehistoric menace.


The players controls one of two types of helicopters. The main difference between them is in the type of weaponry, both are re-powered by a series of power-ups which are obtained by eliminating the enemies. The blue helicopter has a wide and straight ahead shot and the bomb is a huge powerful wave cannon, while the green helicopter fires a spread shot and the bomb fires a multitude of grenades that eliminates effectively the enemies in front. During the stages several civilian survivors must be rescued, which will give bonus points and power ups before the boss encounters.