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Template:GameInfobox Bomberman: Panic Bomber is a Bomberman-themed falling blocks puzzle game originally developed by Hudson Soft in 1994 for the NEC PC Engine CD and ported the same year by Raizing to the Neo Geo AES. It is a spin-off of the Bomberman series. It was later followed by two sequels also developed by Raizing.


Panic Bomber plays similarly to other stacking puzzle games like Puyo Puyo or Columns. Bomberman head-shaped blocks of varying colors will drop one at a time from the top of the screen, and your objective is to stack them up in order to match same-colored pieces, causing them to detonate. Like similar games, you must create chains of explosions in order to send blocks to your opponent's field, with larger chains sending more blocks.

Additionaly to the colored blocks, every so often a bomb piece will also fall down for the player to stack. These will detonate automatically after a set time, removing the pieces around it. By causing a good amount of damage the player can also earn a big bomb, which removes a lot of blocks from the player's field.


Battle for Peace, Bomberman!!

It is the near future. In the corner of the galaxy lies the star Nogisūsu, naturally blessed with peace, where everybody lives quietly. But one day, of course, monster underlings of Maou Bugler began laying waste to the star. Bugler boarded a floating castle in the sky in order to get revenge on Bomberman, who lives peacefully on this star. To restore peace to Nogisūsu, Bomberman must once again embark on an adventurous journey, heading toward the floating castle suspended above the northern mountains.

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