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Latest revision as of 22:00, 3 June 2008

Updated 25th October 1996
Ninja Master Faq compiled by Ket <pang@satech.net.au>


Mickey <Mickryu@aol.com><Please include you webpage's url here>: Faq co-author
Peter Williamson <baldmann@connexus.apana.org.au>: Providing the menu and etc
Takuma Matsuki: Translation of some moves, combos and etc

More informations and combos, cool looking ascii art for the title and etc...
anyone is more than welcome to contribute, for those who has contributed
something, regardless of more or less, his/her name will be on the
contributor list. Please send your contributions to my email address
mentioned above!!

Boss code for cartridge version:??? forgot someone please fill in

Joystick Directions and Button configurations

7  8  9         P = Punch (A or B or A+B)
 \ | /          K = Kick (C or D or C+D)
4- N -6         A = Weak Punch, B = Strong Punch, A+B = Ultra Strong Punch
 / | \          C = Weak Kick, D = Strong Kick, C+D = Ultra Strong Kick
1  2  3         B+C = Change between Weapons or bare hands fight.

6+A(B) = Overhead attack, this can hit crouch-blocking opponent
Back Roll = Push the lever backward immediately after being knocked down


SPIRIT GAUGE: The spirit gauge will build up as your attack hits or ticks
your opponent, when Max, certain super moves can be performed.  During Max,
to go into Hyper mode, simply press ABC buttons at the same time, then the
spirit will start to drain, in close range this will also hit.


DM: Desperation Move, this move can be done when (1) You are in Hyper mode
(2) Your character is low in life, known as flashing red life (3) or both

SDM: Super Desperation Move or Fihishing Move, this move can be done when
(1) Your character is in Hyper mode (2) or your character is Maxed up and
your opponent is low in life.

SC: Super Chain, this move can be done when (1) Your character is Maxed up
(2) or your character is in Hyper.

(n/w): No Weapons, when you see this, put your character's weapons away by
pressing B+C.

(w): Weapons, when you see this, which means this move required weapons to
perform, press B+C to take out your character's weapons.

Ninja Master Combo System Map (v1)

 | \         / |
 |   \     /   |
 |             |
 |   /     \   |
 | /         \ |

(Yo Mickey! please explain this map, is this something to do with the Neo

SASUKE <The Legendary White Dragon>

Story: Skillfully mastered the harsh Ninja training in half the normal period.
Decided to fight against the Ruler as his father wished before passing away,
and became a hidden Ninja to avoid involving his collegues.

HiShou-Getsu            :236+P
ShouKuuKyaku-Sen        :214+K
ShouKuuKyaku-Retsu      :during jump 214+K
HiShouKen               :623+P, 236+P, 236+P
ShinGeki-Ha             :641236+AB
Command Throw           :63214+D
(DM) ShiPuuRetShinGeki  :632141236+AC
(SDM) ShouShinKoHuuBaku :(n/w)22146+AB
(SC) ShiMonSatsu        :A, B, B, B, 6+B OR B, B, B, 6+B

Other Chain Combos:
(1)  A, B, C, B, C
(2)  A, B, C, D
(3)  close C, B, B+C, B, B
(4)  close D, B, B, B, D
(5)  close B, B, B, D
(6)  close B, B, B, 6+B

More Combos:
(1) Infinite combo: (n/w) A, B, B+C, 2+B, B+C(sword in), walk closer,

KAMUI <The Black Tiger>

Story: Completed the training incredibly quickly, like Sasuke.  Has
been Sasuke's rival and best friend since childhood.  Determine to
chase and slay Sasuke to provide him with a dignified death
according to Ninja law.

FuGa                            :236+P
RyuToh-Ga                       :623+P
SakKi                           :214+K, 214+K, 214+K
KaEnJin OneZaMe                 :Jump 63214+AB
SakKi                           :214+K, 214+, 214+K
Command Throw                   :6412+D
(DM) KiRetSuZan ChiKeMuRi       :632141236+AC
(SDM) ???                       :22146+AB
(SC) ???                        :A, A, B, A, B, A, 6+B OR D, B, B, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  close C, B, D, 4+D
(2)  close D, B, 6+B, C(D)
(3)  close A, A, B, 4+D
(4)  far 6+B, 6+D
(5)  3+A, A, 2+D
(6)  B, A, B, B, B, B
(7)  B, A, B, B, 4+D
(8)  B, A, B, 2+B, into 236+B
(9)  B, A, B, 623+B
(10) B, A, B, 2+D
(11) B, A, (214+D) x3
(12) B, A, B, D
(13) B, C, C, D
(14) A, A, B, B

More Combos:
(1)  (w) jump in strong K, close B, A, A, 6+B, dash forward, close B, A, A,
     2+B, cancel into (DM) KiRetsuZan ChiKeMuRi.
(2)  (n/w) jump in strong K, close B, A, A, B, 6+B, far standing strong P.


RAIGA <Outlaw Red Wolf>

Story: Is renown as bounty hunter, but has not succeeded to catch Goemon,
a thief wanted for a bounty prize in history.  Has spent all his life chasing

RaiGeki-Satsu                   :214+P
ChiRaiRyu                       :after RaiGeki-Satsu 41236+P
IkaZuchi-ChiRyu                 :4 then 6+K
IkaZuchi-TenRyu                 :2 then 8+K
BakuRai-Geki                    :4 then 6+P, 46+P, 46+P
RaiShinSho                      :2 then 8+BD
Command Throw                   :Spin joystick once +B
(DM) Senco-RaiZin               :23641236+AB
(SDM) ???                       :46412+CD
(SC)  ???                       :A(C), B, B, 6+B OR A, B, B, B, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  A, C, C, D, B
(2)  6+A, 6+D, D
(3)  close D, B, D, D
(4)  A, B, B, D, C, B
(5)  close C, B, B, B

More Combos:
(1)  (SDM), jump in strong K, close standing strong P, vertical jump strong K.
(2)  Jump in strong K OR 2+C, into A, C into A, C into A, C, D into RaiGeki-
     Satsu follow up with ChiRaiRyu.

TENHO <OnMyo UnSui>

Story: Born in Korea and grown up in Hong Kong where he trained as a Taoist
while playing outdoors in nature.  Sensed the disquieting in the air one day
and left his family for JiPan.

JuBaku-Fu                       :236+P
SenKu-Dan                       :236+K
ShuGoJu-Retsu-Dan               :Hold D for awhile then let go
SenMetsu-Sho                    :(n/w) press P repeatedly
TenMaEn-SatsuJin                :9n/w)63214+P
SenkuKen                        :623+P, 236+P, 236+P
TaiKyoku-Ha                     :2141236+AB
Command Throw                   :421+B
(DM) SenJin-FuJa                :63214632+AC
(SDM)???                        :hold A then 214+ let go of A
(SC)???                         :A, B, C, 6+D, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  (n/w) A, C, 6+B, C
(2)  C, C, C, 6+C
(3)  A, B, C, 6+D, 6+D
(4)  close A, B, A, D, 6+C, B
(5)  close A, B, A, B, B
(6)  close C, C, B, B, 6+A, B

More Combos:
(1)  (n/w) Jump in CD, close C, C, 2+B into JuBaku-Fu, crouching strong P,
     cancel into SenKu-Dan.
(2)  Crouching weak K x2 cancel into TaiKyoku-Ha.

KARASU <NeHan MuTen>

Story: Travels through many countries, working as a bodyguard, accompanied by
crows and an evil sword that is said to human blood.  As the crows head for
the cast as usual, he follows them without knowing what lies ahead...

Karasu-YaiBa                    :(w) 623+P
Hayate-BaNe                     :(n/w) 623+P
RiDare-BaNe                     :214+P
HaNe-YaiBa                      :jump 236+P
YaMi-Karasu                     :236+P, 6N+P, 6N+P
KiKyo-ShoHeki                   :641236+AC
Command Throw                   :641+B
(DM) OnMyo-Karasu               :632146+AB
(SDM) ???                       :463214+AB (hold AB to move your target)
(SC)  ???                       :C, B+C, B+C, B, 6+B OR A, C, B+C, B, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  (w) close A, B, B, B
(2)  (w) close A, 6+B, 4+B
(3)  (n/w) close C, B, D, 4+B
(4)  close C, B+C, B+C, B, B
(5)  C, C, D, D
(6)  A, B, B, 6+A

More Combos:
(1)  (w) jump in strong P, close standing strong K, into B+C (2 hits), cancel
     into weak Hayate BaNe.
(2)  (n/w) jump in strong K, crouching weak P, close standing weak K, B+C,
     D, B into KiKyo-ShoHeki, jump forward strong K cancel into weak(strong)
(3)  (n/w) jump in strong K, close C, C, D, 6+A, dash forward, close C, B+C,
     D, B, cancel into KiKyo-ShoHeki, jump forward strong K cancel into weak/
     strong HaNe-YaiBa.

HOUOH <Hama MyoJo>

Story: Born with the gift to make the evil retreat but this gift ironically
attracts devils.  Has intensely hated devils since they killed his parents.
Travelling the turbulant world to learn the real aim of his innate ability.

KuSenKoh                        :4 then 6+P
ChiRetsuSen                     :4 then 6+K
HouOh-TenBu                     :2 then 8+K
HaJa-ReiHaDoh                   :2146+AB
KiShinZan                       :41236+P, 236+P, 236+P
Command Throw                   :4632+B
(DM) DaiNichi-SyaNaSyo-Rai      :4128+AC
(SDM) MuSouTaiYoKen             :63214632+AC
(SC) ???                        :D, D, A, 6+B OR A, B, A, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  close D, D, D, D
(2)  close B, A, B, D
(3)  A, B, D, D
(4)  A, B, A, 6+C
(5)  close B, 4+D
(6)  close B, A, B, 2+D, D

More Combos:
(1)  Jump in strong K, close B, A, far strong P.
(2)  (n/w) jump in strong K, close D, D, D, walk toward slightly, close D, D,
     B into B+C, walk toward slightly A, B, A, A, B, B, cancel into HaJa-

NATSUME <NanTen SuZaku>

Story: Born and raised in a tribe with foreign blood, and trained as a
"MuEn-Ryu" fighter to follow the village's tradition.  After bothered by
nightmares for a long period of time, found out the reason for the dream
originates in JiPan.  Leaves for the nation to get rid of the suffering...

JinKu-Zan                       :623+P
HyakKi-RenSai                   :214+P repeatedly
GoZanPu                         :214+K
AsuKa                           :(w) 41236+P
TenHa-RekKyaku                  :641236+CD
ToHa-Sen-Geki                   :(236+K) x3
Command Throw                   :421+D
(DM) Oh-Satsu-GenMuRyoRan       :63214236+AC
(SDM) ???                       :632632+AB
(SC) ???                        :3+A, 6+A, 6+A, 6+B OR 3+A, 6+A, 6+A, A, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  3+A, A, D, 8+D, 8+D
(2)  6+A, B, D
(3)  close A, D, B
(4)  far A, 6+A, 236+B
(5)  3+A, 6+A, 6+B, 46+B
(6)  3+A, 6+A, 6+A, B

More Combos:
(1)  Jump in strong K, close standing strong P, into strong HyakKi-RenSai.
     walk toward slightly, strong P.
(2)  Infinite combo: crouching weak P, cancel into strong ToHa-Sen-Geki,

GOEMON <KaiToh MuSo>

Story: A lone-wolf thief who has kept the country astir.  Steals only from
those who fill their pockets through bad deeds, however, and gives away the
wealth to orphans and poor people.  Having heard rumors of the Golden Palace,
seeks it as the next target.

BakuEn-Sho                      :623+P
KaEn-Sho                        :(n/w) 214+P
JiTekKyu                        :(n/w) 236+P
GoGeki-Ho                       :(w) 236+P
TekKyu-KaEnGoku                 :2146+AB
TenChu-Baku                     :(236+K) x3
Command Throw                   :412+D
(DM) RekKa-MessTuSyo            :4216+AC
(SDM) ???                       :4623+AC
(SC) ???                        :3+A, B, B, 6+B OR 3+A, B, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  A, C, C, D, D
(2)  A, B, C, B, 6+B
(3)  close D, D, D
(4)  close C, C, 2+D
(5)  A, C, C, 4+B
(6)  3+A, B, B, B, 236+B
(7)  A, C, C, D, D
(8)  A, B, D, B, 6+B
More Combos:
(1)  Infinite combo 1: A, B, into TenChu-Baku (2 hits), repeat...
(2)  Infinite combo 2: A, B, into B+C, walk toward slightly, repeat...

UNZEN <Congo ARaHan>

Story: Normally a big kind-hearted guy becomes blindlly violent when drunk.
After kicked out of the mountain temple which he entered for training, he has
secluded himself in the mountains to continue training.

Dai-FunSai-Geki                 :B+D
Dai-GokuSaTu-Geki               :1463214+P
InGa-OHo                        :2147+P
DaiChi-MeiDo                    :63214+P
ZaiNin-Sabaki                   :623+P
MeiMyaKu-MiZin                  :4 then 6+AC
ZanGe-KakuGo                    :(236+K) x3
Command Throw                   :1236+B
(DM) YoMi-OKuRi                 :4632146+AC
(SDM) ???                       :2141236+AC
(SC) ???                        :(w) A, B, 6+A, 6+B OR (w) A, B, B, 6+B

Chain Combos:
(1)  (n/w) B, 6+B
(2)  (w) C, A, 6+B
(3)  (n/w) A, B, B, 6+A, B
(4)  C, C, D, 2+D
(5)  6+A, B, A
(6)  A, B, 6+A, B, B

More Combos:
(1)  Jump in strong K, C, C, 6+A, C, C, 6+A, B, weak ZanGe-KakuGo, C, C, 6+A,
     C, C, 6+A.
(2)  Jump in strong K, far B, B, close standing strong P.

KASUMI <KohTen KunPu>

Story: Grand-daughter of the leader of "Kurenai Clan" who follow a style of
female "KunoIch" Ninja Techniques.  Though yet to undergo full training, has
considerable competence as a Ninja.  After her grand-mother spoke of their
destiny on her 16th birthday, left home to eliminate the source of the bloody
battles throughout the nation...or was it to escape from the strict training?

KaKyaku-EnSen-Syu               :236+K
HiSen-Syu                       :63214+K
HiRyu-Sen                       :jump 82+K
HiTen-Kyaku                     :(n/w) 2 then 7(9)+K
TenSin-SenPu                    :after HiTen-Kyaku P
HiTen-Kyaku                     :after HiTen-Kyaku K
HiEn-Bu                         :jump 6+K
HeSen-TyuGeki                   :4 then 6+AB
HiZan-Geki                      :(236+P) x3
(DM) HeSen                      :632146+AB
(SDM) ???                       :22146+AC
(SC) ???                        :A, B, A, B, 6+A, 6+B OR B, B, A, B, 6+A

Chain Combos:
(1)  3+A, D, 2+D, 2+D, 2+D
(2)  close A, 6+A, 6+B, 6+D
(3)  close A, 6+A, A, 6+B, B
(4)  close B, B, B, B
(5)  close C, D, B, D
(6)  close A, B, A, B, 6+B

More Combos:
(1)  (w) Jump in strong K, crouching B+C, cancel into (SDM).
(2)  Infinite combo: crouching weak P, into HiZan-Geki (2 hits), repeat...


(no name of moves again. Sorry)

???     236+P
???     641236+K
???     623+P
???     6321+P
???     63214+D
???     214+K x3
???     632146+AB
(DM)    463214+AB
(SDM)   236412+AB
(SC)    A,B,A,B,6B

Chain Combos
(1)  B,A,B,B
(2)  A,B,A,6B,236B
(3)  A,B,B,A,D
(4)  C,B,D,D
(5)  B,A,A,B,6B
(6)  B,A,B,6C
(7)  B,A,B,214D x3
(8)  A,B,A,B,6B
(9)  A,C,D,D,
(10) A,B,D,D
(11) C,B,A,214D x3

More Combos:


ATTN: Mickey, I'll get my Japanese friend Takuma (yes, Takuma)to try to
translate the story and name of moves and etc for the
remain characters, as for the cool looking ascii art for the title and the
rest of the decorations I'll leave them ALL to you, is that kool? I gotta
have a nice rest after all these typings :^)