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Template:CharacterInfobox Lynn Baker (リン・ベーカー, Rin Bēkā) is a character who appears in Rage of the Dragons and Power Instinct Matrimelee.


Lynn is born of half-Chinese and American descent who lived her early childhood in China. Her family moved to America with her grandfather once the war in China began to escalate. She was taught how to fight by her grandfather and was encouraged by her mother to enjoy fighting. Her grandfather taught her to be the "White Dragon" so that she would be the future protector of the dragon scrolls. During her training, she met Billy and Jimmy and developed a crush on the younger brother.

One day, she found her grandfather killed in the dojo by a strange man. Feeling an evil dragon presence and panicked by the situation, she contacts Billy for help. After her grandfather's burial, they both enter the tournament to solve the mysteries surrounding their master's death.


Although she is a talented fighter with a great responsibility, Lynn wants to spend her time as a normal girl. She teaches children martial arts to earn money, hoping to someday dress in fashionable outfits from the city.


  • Gather Energy - Lynn can store up her Chi energy.
  • Energy Attacks - Lynn's attacks can be fueled by Chi energy.

Fighting Style

Lynn fights similar to Billy but performs her moves with a smoother execution and greater speed. She is a quick combo character who excels at aggressive tactics.


  • Splendid String From China - Rage of the Dragons
  • Sorrow! - Power Instinct Matrimelee

Game Appearances

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