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In this Chinese name, the family name is Lee.

Lee Diendou (李 典徳, Pinyin: Lǐ Diǎndé), also known as Lee Tendok, is a character in the Fighter's History series. He is named after Bājíquán specialist, Li Shuwen, and his fighting style is reminiscent to the one featured in the manga Kenji.


Lee comes from a family of celebrated martial artists. One day, his father was brutally beaten by a mysterious warrior. Hearing that the same man was sponsoring the Great Grapple tournament, he enters to get revenge for his family's tarnished reputation. For the second tournament, he wishes to fight Karnov again, this time with a cleansed mind and to show his true strength.


Lee is a mature and dedicated martial artist who constantly feels inferior to his father. He is pragmatic to his fellow fighters and is often on odd terms with Mizoguchi (who is always angry with him).


  • Energy Attacks: Lee can increase damage of normal attacks by adding ki energy to it. He particularly adds power his fists.

Fighting Style

Lee is a close-ranged and simplistic brawler who works best with skillful players. In the right hands, he can create the deadliest and highest hitting combos in the game.


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