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Template:CharacterInfoboxGolba (ゴルバ, Goruba) is the final boss and main antagonist of Samurai Shodown Sen. He shares similar design motifs with the character General Donald Morden from the Metal Slug series. However, it is not confirmed whether or not the two characters are related. He is voiced by Norio Wakamoto.


Golba was one of the sons of Lesphia's king. He had attempted a coup d'etat after his brother became the chosen to be the rightful heir. After he failed, he was sent into exile and came to America. He joined and became an officer in the Continental Army and eventually became a veteran of the American Revolutionary War. His participation in this war made him believe that creation of such powerful nation can become a threat to Europe. Desiring to protect his country and strengthen its military force, he seeks to conquer all of Europe.

Due to the comrades he made during the war, he has personal and influential connections around the world. During this time, he formed an assassin organization of which Angelica is a member. He uses this group to kill his niece's parents during their sea voyage in an attempt to claim Suzu's sword, a symbol of one's right to rule Lesphia. Unable to obtain it, he returns to America to use his military connections to weaken countries around the world and schemes to possibly use Suzu as a bargaining chip against his homeland. Seeking a strong military commander to rule his Lesphia army, he opted to recruit and lure certain strong warriors as well.


A natural gentlemen who seems to respects his challengers. He believes his many crimes around the globe are for a just cause and doesn't feel guilty about his actions.

Fighting Style

As a contrast to Draco, Golba is a quick and fearsome close-ranged character. He relies on thrusts from his rapier for high damaging hits. In stark contrast to previous bosses of franchise, Golba uses no magic, no special powers, and nothing remotely resembling special moves. Instead his whole concept is "generic fighter with heightened stats" as he has heightened damage output, speed, range and pushback on all his attacks. This essentially makes him a character who has no real weakness. His giant damage output is explained by his ability to pinpoint opponent's vital points, combined with thrusting nature of his weapon.

He can enter a stance named "Tiger Hold", based on "Nagareboshi" (Shooting Star) technique from Shigurui manga; invented by Kogan (often called "Old Tiger", hence Golba's stance name), and then used as top secret technique of his Kogan-ryuu school of swordsmanship. The sword is held horizontally so its tip is caught between fingers of other hand, and then user applies force to sword's handle, bending the sword and storing potential energy in it to achieve metal spring-like effect. Once sword's tip is released, it results in blindingly fast turnaround slash, making the technique feared because its speed superiority compared to all other weapon attacks. Golba can execute a horizontal version called "Star Throw" (results in turnaround slash), and vertical version not found in manga, called "Tiger Crunch" (results in aerial flip slash).

He is the only character in game to have a multi-hit Unblockable Attack (ABCR), called "General Dive Combination". He gathers energy in his hand, then proceeds with diving horizontal slash, vertical slash, and double kick. He lacks a Rage Technique (Ikari Waza), although still can use Rage Explosion.


  • Stand and Fight - Samurai Shodown Sen

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