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Cameo in The King of Fighters '97.

Gaidel (ガイデル, Gaideru) is the name of a secondary character in The King of Fighters series. His namesake is a character from the anime Space Battleship Yamato.


Gaidel is the father of a girl named Leona. He was a member of the Hakkesshu, and an avatar of water who ran away from his destiny as he did not wish to destroy humanity. Like he did with the rest of the Hakkesshu, one day, Goenitz visited the village where Gaidel, his wife, and Leona were. Goenitz asked for help to resurrect Orochi, but Gaidel refused. Goenitz left, but returned later that night, and activated the Riot of the Blood within Leona, who killed her father, her mother and everyone else in the village.

In the Ikari Team's ending in The King of Fighters '97, Gaidel was seen talking to Leona and told her not to follow Orochi and his destiny, but to follow her own fate. Leona cries and thanks him for his advice.

Gaidel is seen as among the souls Verse contains, and was released upon the latter's defeat in KOF XIV. It is confirmed he has returned to life as a result, but his whereabouts are unknown, as per the ending for the Ikari Team.

In SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy, Gaidel is indirectly mentioned in Shermie's winquote vs. Leona, suggesting Shermie is aware of Leona's and her own heritage.