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File:EX Billy.png
EX Billy Kane's in-game portrait.

EX Billy Kane (EXビリー・カーン) is a humorous interpretation of Billy Kane, appearing as a secret character in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special.

Though an EX Billy does appear in The King of Fighters '98 and The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match, he retains the personality and storyline of his original self, appearing only as a character with alternate moves from his Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 incarnation.


After the death of Geese Howard, this version of Billy realizes that he hasn't a soul to care for him. Trying to clean up his gangster ways, he smiles more and hopes to get himself a beautiful girlfriend. In his ending, he tries to charm Mai with comical flirting.


A redeemed and gentle version of Billy. He tries to dress the part of a desirable boyfriend by tinting his outfit and his staff pink. However, his efforts only seem to scare rather than impress the opposite sex.


  • Hold up weapon: Billy Kane is stronger than he looks, capable of carrying very heavy weapons like his three-part staff.
  • Weapon of Fire: Billy can set his staff on fire to cause strong fire damage. He can spin his staff to create a powerful ring of fire and throw the ring within a small range.
  • Hide Weapon: Billy has another staff that he hides underneath his jacket as seen in his 2002 HSDM.

Fighting Style

He fights similar to Billy Kane except that he uses Billy's moveset from Real Bout Fatal Fury.

Game Appearances

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