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Draco (ドラコ, Dorako) is the sub boss of Samurai Shodown Sen.


Draco is a Western outlaw, a hired gunman and bodyguard who takes his jobs in stride. In the past, he took the lives of many men for a sound sum of gold; one of his victims was Galford's father. He was recently hired by Golba to eliminate any possible threats that come to the foreign ships stationed at Japan.


A cock-sure and professional mercenary who takes his job seriously. He speaks rudely to his visitors, rarely showing respect to his challengers. He loves his profession, saying that there is no greater pleasure in life than killing people.

Fighting Style

Draco's main strength lies in ability to fire fullscreen unblockable shots, thus he is strong at long range and is difficult to approach. He uses a differently styled pose for every shot attack he has (like shooting from under his armpit, or while standing on one knee with his back turned to opponent). In close combat he uses hard-hitting close attacks with his rifle. Aside of default stance, he can switch between three more sub-stances:

  • Default: can use short combos (some lead into single shots / Spiral Back); can fire series of 2~16 standing shots followed with rifle reload sequence cancellable into 2 crouching shots / Spiral Back / Gun Roll
  • Spiral Back: flips backwards to distance himself from opponent, afterwards can use: damaging kneeling shot / another Spiral Back / Gun Roll
  • Gun Roll: rolls forward, afterwards can use: crouching sniper shot / gut kick into headshot.
  • Coin Toss: takes a coin from pocket and tosses into air, afterwards can use: coin-shattering shot (followed with reload, then second shot or Spiral Back) / gut kick into headshot / Gun Roll

He can repeatedly juggle airborne opponent using series of shots from Default stance; something that firearm users from previous games (Andrew and Jushiro) were able to do as well. His ability to toss a coin into air, then shatter it with a shot is reminiscent of Ukyo's ability to toss apple into air, then slashing it into pieces. Spiral Back can be used to backflip infinite number of times, escaping the opponent forever (until Draco runs into stage border).

Draco's weaknesses are that: his combos are very short and limited; he is left wide open while he reloads his rifle; he gives various hints before his rifle shots, and seasoned player can predict and evade them appropriately. He lacks Strong Slashes (AB and BC), Unblockable Attack (ABCR) and Rage Technique (Ikari Waza), although he still can use Rage Explosion.

His weapon, a Winchester rifle, is an anachronism in Samurai Shodown Sen.


  • Sunset Gunman - Samurai Shodown Sen

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