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Template:CharacterInfoboxChung Paifu (中 白虎, Chun Paifu; Pinyin: Zhong Baifu) is a character from the Savage Reign series. He is voiced by Humio Niwa.

Like Tung Fu Rue, Chung Paifu he is also inspired by Master Roshi from the Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball series.


A wizened warrior who apparently has a grudge against King Leo. He received his hat from "The Legendary Wolf" many years ago.


Chung wants to show the world that age has no meaning. He's out to teach anyone younger than him a lesson in manners and respect. His hat will fly off when he's angry.


  • Pump Up - Chung can fill his entire body with energy, giving him more muscles and physical strength.
  • Transformation Magic - Chung can change his enemies into defenseless animals.
  • Fire Projectile - Chung can fire a short ranged projectile.
  • Helicopter - Chung can spin his cane above his head and fly.
  • Energy Attacks - Chung's attacks can be fueled by Chi energy. Sometimes this energy materializes in the image of a tiger.

Fighting Style

He relies on his sorcery to fight.


  • Chicken Dance - Savage Reign

Game Appearances


  • Since it's insinuated that he has Terry's cap, several Japanese fans joke that Chung is actually an older Rock.



Savage Reign

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