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Template:CharacterInfoboxAngelica (アンジェリカ, Anjerika) is a character introduced in Samurai Shodown Sen.


She was raised as an assassin to an unknown organization. She tried to flee from her benefactors but was allowed to live by her pursuers. To ensure her safety and her possible freedom, Angelica is given two missions: to bring Suzu and a treasured sword back to them and to find a worthy samurai successor for their leader. She obeys but is reluctant to leave their leader's side.

During her story, it is revealed to players that her employer is Golba. He staged an accident long ago to kill her sister and her. One of them survived but lost her memories of the incident. She exhibits split personalities once she regains her memories: one that is her younger sister and herself. In her ending, the younger sister of Angelica -the one who survived- turns against Golba and takes revenge for both of them. Both souls live on as "Angelica".


A stoic and melancholic woman who only thinks of the mission. It's implied that one of the sisters is a pacifist while the other is more justified to use violence.

Fighting Style

Angelica is a tricky character who uses fast combo chains and short ranged attacks. She can hurl her body at her opponent and recover from most her attacks at quicker rate than most characters. She can also twirl her weapon with one hand to juggle her opponents.

Game Appearances