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Release date: November 14th  (Now in stock)
November 13th, October 9th, 2003. December 11th

The most anticipated NeoGeo release in years is finally coming to home
cartridge. Order now while supplies last.

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English version home cartridge.
Japanese version home cartridge.
Retail price $335.

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Discounting. For those who order more than one copy you will receive a discount. You can combine any quantity of English or Japanese version SVC Chaos AES. Example: 3 English + 2 Japanese pieces will bring cost down to $315 per piece.

$335 x 1 piece, retail price
$329 x 2 pieces
$325 x 3 pieces
$319 x 4 pieces
$315 x 5 pieces
$309 x 6 pieces
Important note: To receive the discount while using the online shopping cart system you must order between 2 to 6 pieces of all English or Japanese pieces, but not mixed. Simply use the comments section of the order form to state what combination of version you want. Example: Customer adds 3 English SVC Chaos home cartridges to basket but wants 2 English pieces and one Japanese piece, comment would be something along the lines of: "2 English + 1 Japanese".

Wholesale pricing.
You must order outside the shopping cart system to obtain these prices. You can combine any quantity of English or Japanese version SVC Chaos AES. To order, send email with your complete shipping address, phone #, and quantity of US & Japanese pieces you wish to purchase and you will be promptly provided with a shipping quote to your location.

$305 x 7-11 pieces
$299 for Case of 12
$295 x 13-23 pieces
$289 x 2 Cases of 12
$285 x 25-35 pieces
$279 for 3 cases of 12
$275 x 37-49
$269 / 50 or more

SVC Chaos AES preorder FAQ


What about freebies?
English & Japanese version full size SVC Chaos posters & flyers will be provided for all preorder customers. There will be enough stock of posters and flyers to provide to all preorder customers.

Will my credit card be charged now, or when the game ships?
In order to be guaranteed a copy upon release, you must pre-purchase. Your credit card will be charged at the time of the pre-purchase.

I don't have a credit card, debit card, or a PayPal account, what are my other payment options?
Money orders, cashiers checks, personal checks, cash (USD), Western Union, and bank wire transfer are some of the other forms of payments that are welcome.

If you are inside the USA, here is the list of accepted
payment options:
If you are outside the USA or overseas, here are the appropriate payment options:

Why is the retail price $335 instead of the usual $325?
SNK vs Capcom was an expensive title to produce and royalties must be paid to Capcom for using their characters. The set retail price for SVC Chaos is $335 for North America. Keep in mind that the MSRP for SVC Chaos home release is 39,800.00 JPY, or $339.32, and so $335 is below the manufacture's suggested retail price.

For current conversion rates:

Are you accepting payments plans for this release?
Payments plans are not something the NeoStore advertises and are generally intended for high $ rare items to be purchased in installments. It would not be fair to the customers who pay in full to secure a copy vs. those who only pay a fraction.

What is the production count for SVC Chaos?

The quantity produced is not to be displayed publicly. However, shortly after release (November 14th), the in stock quantities will be displayed (assuming there are any pieces left).

What is the meg count for SVC Chaos?
Although the exact number is not 100% confirmed, it is expected to be one of the highest meg counts ever.

Will the English version insert display the MEG count this time?
You can expect an insert layout similar to that of English Matrimelee. The SVC Chaos logo on the spine, with meg count on both front & spine.

When will the insert design be revealed.
The English version insert will probably be ready a month before release. Once it is provided to, we will of course make it available for public viewing immediately. However, the Japanese version insert may not be made public until release.

Can I change my preorder from a Japanese version to an English version or vice versa after I have already preordered?
Absolutely. As long as there are still pieces of the desired version available, you can change your preferences at anytime up until release. Or, if you ordered multiple pieces, you can change the version combination at any time. Simply send an email request along with your order #. If you do not know your order # please provide us with the email address from which you placed the preorder.

....more info for this FAQ will be added in the near future.

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