The most recent edition to the King of Fighters series has been enhanced with fresh music, art, and game play. KoF 2001 may very well be considered the next "KoF '98". Innovations brought to you by Eolith's software development team.

As with the previous two releases (Metal Slug 3 & Sengoku 3), the English version of King of Fighters 2001 is exclusively distributed by
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Video1 (Intro) 6.5 MB
Video2 (Athena) 1.7 MB
Video3 (Final Boss) 3.3 MB

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English version:

Japanese version:

US Title: King of Fighters 2001
Japanese Title: King of Fighters 2001
By: Eolith / SNK
Year: 2001
Size: 705 Megs
Home Release? Japanese 3/12/02
English 3/25/02
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No

King of Fighters 2001 and the images depicted on this page are (C) 2001 SNK Corporation of Japan. Used by permission. Reproduction or alteration of these images is prohibited except with permission from SNK Corp

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  • Official release
  • Largest Meg count
  • 4 new characters
  • 40 characters total

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