written by Steve

US Title: World Heroes
Japanese Title: World Heroes
Year: 1994
Size: 178 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

For the first time ever, there was anticipation for a World Heroes game to
come out. Days before World Heroes 2 Jet was released, it was showered in 
magazines such as EGM. EGM even went as far as saying: "This game should add 
speed as the title would suggest. Speed? Look out Capcom!" Indeed. Get ready for Round 3 with the World Heroes!

The graphics in this game is arguably the best in the series. Not only is it bright, colorful, rich, and thick, but the characters all look great. 2 new characters round up the cast this time, Jack and Ryofu. New bad guy in town is Zeus. MIA is Neo Geegus and Neo Dio. Every character given an extra move or two. (i.e. Hanzou was given his teleportation powers here) Overall, just a pretty darn nice looking game, especially for 1994.

The sounds are subpar. Some really good cracks here and there though. But once again, ADK shows us their uncanny ability to compose and comprise excellent tunes and voiceovers. Not as great as part 2, but still gets the job done. Sweet.

Yes! Finally, a WH game that has some speed! Before Jet, the WH games were notorious for its lack of speed. Well, not anymore jack. Although not as fast as the word "jet" might suggest, it still was a vast improvement and a most welcomed one. Overall, this just feels better then WH2. Although the Death Matches were taken out, which kinda sucks. And the two new guys are way overpowered. Still, a solid engine added with some speed. Oh yes, don't forget about the infamous "ADK Aftershock Affect". At the end of a round, if you are defeated, the game will slow down and the winner can add in a lick or two. Yes, ADK invented this. (SF Alpha 3 had aftershock as did Tekken games) You have to see WH2Jet to really understand how sweet it was to add in 3 or even 7 extra hits after the opponent is defeated..... ;-)

About as same as WH2 in my honest opinion The new guys aren't too bad. Again, it's a shame the Death Matches were taken out, but with the new moves to test out and new combos to master, Jet makes up for this. The same stages from WH2 come roaring back and there are special stages for vs. CPU play. It's a toss-up really. If you really liked death matches, you might like WH2 more. But, if speed, new combos, new characters, and new moves can compensate for no death matches, you'll find Jet just fine. It's up to you. Both games are solid in their own rights.

*Best Memory* Definitely seeing Captain Kidd's DRAMATIC and STUNNING entrance. After you beat 12 fighters and think you're cruising on by.... an absolutely HUGE pirate ship flies overhead, its flutters making a chilling sound. You look up and see a badass smirking at you with his pet buzzard on his shoulder. The moon is reflecting off his ship and bone-chilling music accompanies the scene. Damn. What a gimmick.... what an entrance! I knew then and there why gamers raved about Captain Kidd when he debut in 1993. A truly terrific design with the right kind of punch.

C. Kidd

Not a superb improvement over World Heroes 2, but still the better overall game. Just by a hair or two. EGM awarded World Heroes 2 Jet the "Game of the Month" in their July issue, #60. WH2Jet was only one of three Neo Geo games to have that honor (the other two being Samurai Shodown II, #66 and Real Bout, #80) as WH2Jet received solid ratings of 9, 9, 9, and 8. Indeed, 1994 was the year of fighting games. And ADK was enjoying every minute of it. World Heroes 2 Jet was one of the better fighting games in '94 and still is worth a look today. "ORA!"


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