written by Steve

US Title: World Heroes
Japanese Title: World Heroes
Year: 1993
Size: 146 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

As fighting games began to enjoy their golden days, World Heroes 2 was thrust onto the battlefield. Expectations weren't too high, after all, the original had potential in many areas, but ultimately fell short. Would ADK's sequel rectify all past sins? How did World Heroes 2 do in a crowded genre? Let's take a closer look...


Everyone of the original Heroes look pretty much the same, except Rasputin has this force of energy outlining his body when he doesn't move. There are 6 new hungry warriors; they all made their splash in the intro. Which, in my honest opinion, is one of the greatest intros of all time. The graphics are improved over the original and many of the stages are terrific-looking. Hanzou, Kim Dragon, Mudman, Erick, Janne, etc. Death Matches return with some makeovers. Art is much improved, but still some moves needed more animation. Also, watch out for a new badass in town... Neo Dio!


The hit sound effects are above average, but the voiceovers, holy crap, it sends chills down my spine. Especially the "death cries" of the characters-- they're right on the money. And the music? Absolutely through the roof! Music on stages such as Kim Dragon, Hanzou, Mudman, Erick, Muscle Power, etc. ADK really did their homework. And who could forget that classic character selection music theme, eh? 


The engine was revamped a bit and worked maybe not wonders, but a lot better then the first one. Gameplay was still a tad on the slow side though. But the combo system-- greatly improved. Combos in this game got crazy at times and felt very sweet to execute. Kudos to the head honchos for such a critical change. 


Most fighting game sequels back in the day presented us with 2 or 4 new characters. Well, WH2 gave us 6 new guys. I always thought that was mighty cool of ADK. And what's more, these 6 new fighters added a LOT to the WH name. Death Matches here are still a hoot to play, the regular stages are classic, the music is through the roof, interesting bonus rounds, etc. There's a code to select Dio and Geegus in the VS. mode, so that adds up to a grand total of 16 characters. 16 characters for a 1993 game? HUGE. Factor in a decent combo system, great music/voiceovers, and Death Matches and you got some solid replay value. 

*Best Memory* Seeing this game unexpectedly for the first time ever, at Safeway grocery supermarket in 93! It was in the corner and my dad gave me a quarter. The intro with Hanzou and the 6 new fighters blew me away. The gameplay made me a believer and ultimately, a fan for life. 



World Heroes 2 is leaps and bounds over it predecessor. It had quite a solid fan reaction. Newcomers such as Captain Kidd and Neo Dio caused a bit of uproar. People raved about the design of Captain Kidd and his cool moves while others deemed Dio as the cheapest boss ever. Dio's moves had priority and he delivered massive combos. Overall, great new characters, new end boss, revamped original characters, new stages, new bonus rounds, awesome tunes, better engine and graphics, etc. A great sequel that proved second chances are indeed golden opportunities. 



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