by MarrymeMai!

US Title: Street Hoop
European Title:

Street Slam

Japanese Title: Dunk Dreams
By: Data East
Year: 1994
Size: 94 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes
[As these two title screens show, there's also a "Street Slam" version out there (European release).  They're all the same game. The US version swaps the world teams for US cities. Now on to the review!  -Ed.]

Dunk Dream/Street Hoop: A review by MarrymeMai 




I never would have imagined that a game weighing in at a meager 94 megs could pack such a wallop!  


This is basketball as only the Neo Geo can deliver: with enough realism to satisfy a simulation fan, while still keeping enough comedy and fantasy elements to make it unique.  



The 10 teams are well balanced and presented (the palette swapping actually WORKS in this game!), and the execution of moves is greatly aided with a minimum of buttonsóyouíll only need A and B, so this game is perfect if your controller is seriously messed up. These two buttons cover every element of the game, which thankfully adhere to actual basketball. Although some players would complain that you donít have enough actual control over the trajectory of the ball to the basket, I donít find this to be a significant hassle.  



What really stands out in this game is the music! The tunes are actual rap pieces, heavy on lyrics and in some instances feature the crazy English that weíve come to love from the Neo. 


While the lyrics look cheesy on paper (ďThis is 3-on-3 street basketBALL; if you wanna come in you gotta answer the CALL!Ē), what makes them work is the execution. If you were actually playing basketball with some street guys in downtown Manhattan, you wouldnít really be paying attention to the music; you would simply be aware of it. Itís the same way in Street Hoops: others watching the game may complain about the music, but chances are that youíll seldom notice the repetition of lyrics during the longer matches. Some of the music is so good that I honestly want the gameís soundtrack (which Iím sure doesnít exist). [I've looked for it too... -Ed.]


Honestly, I got this game to add some diversity to my fighting games. I donít regret buying it, as I find myself playing until my hands canít take any more! This is the only basketball game ever to grace the Neo Geo. Some purists would contend that since this game was released in 1994, its production should have warranted at least 100 megs. I think it does fine with the power attributed; in playing this game, most players would assume it was over 100 megs. 


I havenít had the chance to play this game against a live opponent, as I only have one controller. Iím fairly certain a second player would only add to the already high replay value. [Its very fun with two! -Ed.]  I would highly recommend that you answer the call, and purchasing this game in some format.



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