by Mouse_Master

US Title: Sengoku
Japanese Title: Sengoku Densyo
Year: 1991
Size: 55 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

This is the game that got me hooked on the Neo Geo, so maybe it is wrong for me to review it. This game is great in my opinion, even though it has aged (as of this writing, it is 9 years old I believe), it is still as playable as it was when it was released.

The basics? Well, this is a side scrolling fighting game, much like Double Dragon, and like most other Neo Geo games, it is 2 player. The twist? Killing some enemies releases a floating globe. There are several different colored globes, and they each do something different. Some of the globes give you a sword or 2 swords, and some give you the ability to fire a projectile. Some also give you the ability to stay transformed as another being or creature for a longer period of time.

As you traverse through the game, you meet people that offer to help. They give the ability to transform into a different person or creature, each with their own power. The transformation itself is limited (there will be a clock counting down in the corner) but it does give you an edge which is especially helpful against some bosses.

The game is not short at all, and is decently challenging in my opinion (Many quarters have been fed to a MVS machine that had this game before I got it myself!) The graphics are sharp (I especially like where the characters are standing on the stampeding horses, nice effect), and the dialog is adequately cheesy! Overall, this game is a must buy in my opinion. It is readily available in all formats (Home/CD/MVS) and very inexpensive. The going price for the game should be between $20 to $60, and it was release in both the US and Japanese territories. The CD version, like many earlier games, has very little load time!


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