written by BryLmoo

US Title: Samurai Shodown
Japanese Title: Samurai Spirits
Year: 1993
Size: 118 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

The game that started it all was really only the beginning of a four game series that would change the way we all looked at weapons based fighters. Samurai Shodown 1 was, and still is today, a high water mark in 2-D weapons based fighting.

Graphics: (8\10)

SNK games have always shined in this category…and I don't think that this game is any exception. With breathtaking visuals and complex characters, Samurai Shodown does even today what most fighters don't do…have characters that HAVE character! All of the characters, from Haohmaru to Nakoruru are animated really well. The stages offer some really nice visuals as well (My favorite being Haohmaru's stage). Even though this game came out in 1993 the graphics still hold there own on the ol' Neo-Geo even today.

Sound: (7\10)

I'm not into videogames for music, but I have to say that this game has some really good tunes to fight to. Everything from the ambient sounds on Ukyo's stage, to the Heavy Guitar rifts on Earthquakes stage, SS has almost everything that anyone could ever possibly want in a soundtrack for a fighter such as this one. Some people might not like the music, and some might like it allot…I think it is more of a personal thing really…

Game play: (9\10)

SS has always held it's own when it comes to the game play. The characters have a good amount of special moves, and a good assortment of regular moves(for the faint of heart =P). I think the button configuration in SS1 is really good, being that you have to press Light slash and Medium slash to get a heavy slash. SS1 really doesn't have a combo system to speak of, but back in 92' when the game came out, not many fighters had em'……really…..I know it's hard to believe…

Replay value: (10\10)

I gotta give a perfect score in this category because I still play SS even today (and enjoy it!). With all the Characters, moves, specials, and goodies that this game has to offer, I would be hard pressed to see anyone buying it and just putting it down after one playing. SNK is the REPLAY KING.

OVERALL : (9\10)


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