written by NeoDragoN

US Title: Real Bout Fatal Fury 2:
The Newcomers
Japanese Title: Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2:
The Newcomers
Year: 1998
Size: 539 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes

The last "Proper" Fatal Fury Game to get released can it come close to Mark Of the Wolves? U bet ya ass it can!


First off let me say how much i hate the way SNK keep cutting and pasting and i am dead against it in my mind a new game deserves a fresh start!
Right now thats off my chest lets get to the good bits the animation on the characters is generally excellent most of the old characters have been updated with new frames and look good.  But when u look at the new cahracters like rick u can tell what snk could have done with rest he looks wonderfull were talking close to Garou:MOTW its great to see him hop around and his hair flow so smoothly, the worse case of cut and paste here is definately terry but he dose'nt look 2 bad! :D

Also the effects are also excellent to me these are better than anyother game on the Neo i just love the look of them very cartoony bright sort of anime stylei especially like geese's raging storm which by the way makes Capcom Vs Snks look pathetic and sokaku's thunder god which i think are some of the best graphics seen on the neogeo i can't tell u 
actually how good i think these effects look take a look at the screen shots to decide for yourself but u need to see them in motion to appreciate em! :).

The backgrounds are also very good although there are only 11 backgrounds there are variations of each stage to put the total upto 22 so each character has there own background.for example Andys background is a huge tree covered in blossom on a sunny day and the variation for sokaku is a a dank tree surrounded by graves on a dark night so the small cosmetic changes actually work.
The game is also presented very very well all the menus looks real good and the beginning looks amazing with a choice between rick and xiangfei but sadly both are a bit short but still stunning.I also love the faces on the character select screen again very cartoony bright and sort of anime and very cool!


Sfx & Music 

Sound is up to the neo's usual standard very clear very good speech never muffled great effects for all the moves what else is there to say its great!!!Well What can i say again the Music is fantastic on cart but when u hear the CD versions of duck kings and billy kanes music it makes u pround to own a Neogeo Cd aswell.Its not just billy's and duck's music
that sounds good don't get me wrong everything on here sounds really good on cart and CD but the CD tracks are much much better but of course they should be.Just one last thing on the music why does krausers music sound just like the one out of castlevania:symphony of the night on the psx if u have heard both u'll know what i mean :)



Again control is perfect fantastic classic realbout setup and the response is very very tight moves are pulled off with ease and no movements are over complecated.I do have to say i do prefer to have 2 punches and 2 kicks but for the real bout series A punch B kick C hard attack and D for line change is perfect 



No doubt here i have been playing this game for well over a year no lie!! with 22 chracters in it all individual all with there own cool combo's and moves it'll take u a while to master em trust me :D the only let down is the endings are short and they pretty much suck :(



My fave Neo game ever because it looks great it plays great and it has Rick in it :D Buy it now!!



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