written by Corbie

US Title: Neo Mr. Do!
Japanese Title: Neo Mr. Do!
By: Universal
Year: 1996
Size: 50 Megs
Home Release? No
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? No
Graphics: 7.5          Fun: 8.0 Sound: 7.0
Gameplay: 7.0 Overall: 7.5


I can still remember sticking quarter after quarter into the original Mr. Do arcade game back in 1982. I absolutely loved that game. I can also remember my best friend getting a Colecovision and a Mr. Do game and I was so jealous. Well now it's almost 20 years later and I still love playing this game. And I have to admit that this is easily the best version of Mr. Do you can buy. For those who don't remember the original Mr. Do, the basic premise of the game is you play the part of a clown and your job is to harvest cherries. Along the way you try to collect the letters to spell "EXTRA" and earn bonus lives. Universal has basically took the original game and souped up the graphics, added new items and theme-based levels and rolled it all together into one VERY cool game. It's nice to see companies actually updating classic games instead of just re-releasing them in their original form. Now keep in mind this game isn't for everyone, in fact unless you were a fan of the original game you might find this game very tedious and downright silly. But if you loved Mr. Do you are gonna flip over this game. It's still a blast to play even after all this time!

GAMEPLAY: (7.0/10)
As I said above, there isn't much to this game. It plays a little like Dig Dug. You play the part of a clown and you burrow through the ground harvesting everything from cherries, blue torches, carrots, and much more. Along the way you are being chased by enemies which you can either shoot with your power ball or drop assorted objects onto their heads, ala Dig Dug. And for a bonus you can track down and shoot letters in order to spell out "EXTRA". If you can pull this off you will be rewarded with extra lives. Like I said, simple, yet very addictive gameplay. It's what the classic arcade games were all about. This one just has the luxury of some fancy tunes and graphics.

GRAPHICS: (7.5/10)
The graphics in the original Mr. Do arcade game were fairly decent when the game was new, but if you played the game today you would see just how dated the graphics were. But Universal has fixed that and done so in a big way. Neo Mr. Do sports some beautiful and colorful graphics and I especially liked the theme-based levels. For instance in one level you appear to be in King Tut's tomb. It comes complete with skulls, mummies, and really cool blue flamed torches that you must put out. And there are plenty more levels including a snowman level, as well as the classic cherry level. Neo Mr. Do is easily the best classic update I have yet to see. And if you don't believe me take a look at the screenshots for yourself. All I can say is way to go Universal.

SOUND: (7.0/10)
The sound in Neo Mr. Do is very silly and circus-like. It reminds me a lot of the music found in the classic arcade game. It's definately not gonna win any contests but it is surprisingly fitting of the game. My only gripe is that after playing the game for long periods of time you will begin to want to pull your hair out, as the music does become quite repetetive after awhile. Other than that it's typical Mr. Do music.

FUN: (8.0/10)
Fun is what Neo Mr. Do is all about. It's certainly not going to revolutionize the video game industry but it is a nice walk down memory lane for those of you out there who actually existed when the original Mr. Do was in the arcades. It's a very simple game that will provide hours of fun if you can take it for what it is. If you liked the original Mr. Do you are gonna love this game. It's still fun even after all these years.

OVERALL: (7.5/10)
In closing I will just say that if you liked the original Mr. Do then you should definately give this one a try. If you have not played the original then you might want to try this one before you buy it. Because this game is only available on MVS cart and it's fairly rare at that. I've seen this game go for over $200 on eBay, so unless you are a diehard Mr. Do fan you might want to pass on this one. I got mine in a trade so it wasn't so bad but I don't think that even as much as I love this game that I would have paid that much for an MVS cart. It's a great game...but not $200 great.

-Corbie Dillard


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