by Lord Wolfgang Krauser

US Title: Fatal Fury Special
Japanese Title: Garou Densetsu Special
Year: 1993
Size: 150 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes


Ahh... few games come to mind with so many great memories this is definitely no exception. The year is 1993 and arcades are filled with the latest and greatest fighters, but one game was different from the others... Hmm... that game was fatal fury special the third installment of Fatal Fury and in my opinion the second best in the series next to (RBS), Now lets get started.


Playability 10 

Perfection, I have never heard a complaint about any Fatal Fury and why start now on this masterpiece? Every stage is unique, all characters have there own music and set of moves, nothing is half done here, just pure fighters joy!



Control 10 

I love this games control it is great and is good for advanced/not so advanced players. You can get right into mechanics so easily a joy to all gamers involved in fighters NEO GEO delivers here!


Music 10 

Perfection, I almost shed a tear when I got to Krauser's stage and Mozart's music played, and other characters such as Andy have great music which goes nice with the stage of each character I.E. Italy they have nice Italian music such as Lawrence Blood's Spanish guitar, it all works so nicely with the overall character conception.



Replay 10 

Of course any masterpiece wouldn't be complete without being able to come back to a game, well FFS is a advanced game and the RYO incentive will keep you coming back until you can top the best without losing a round and fight Ryo Sakazaki!



Damn right, there is and it keeps a game fun and always works well with the character design as well, everyone is different. No palette swaps here! (HEAR THAT CAPCOM???) Every character is a work of 2-d art that keeps fresh even today. Or at least by my standards.


Overall 10 

Obviously, because I love this game so much, it did not get the credit it deserved and now I have spoken my thoughts on this game, it may not be 600 megs but lets put it this way: I still play this game regularly.




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