by Lord Wolfgang Krauser

US Title: Fatal Fury 3
Japanese Title: Fatal Fury 3
Year: 1995
Size: 266 Megs
Home Release? Yes
MVS Release? Yes
CD Release? Yes
Line-up: 8.5 Music: 9
Gameplay: 7 Replay: 6

Okay its 1995, Fighters were released by bucket load and fatal fury 3 was one of them. First there is the new look to the characters depite the fact i loved the ff special ones a change is allways welcome thats what proves who stays in the runing. As far as the neo goes this game is the time of change for fatal fury, "Why" you ask, simple after fatal fury 2 and sp the engine needed a new feel and new characters to boot so we have ff3, in which i consider the "puberty" of the series because the games feel has been changed drastically lets get started.

GAMEPLAY-7.0 I was not to happy with ff3's game play and its sad because this game really could have been something great, though they broke new ground with this game makeing it a "test" ff in my opinion well the characters feel a little awkward and for one some i would not have had but it got better in real bout

CONTROLS- 8.0 decent control but some moves were a little to chancey moves like geese's reppu-ken, but terry and others control quite well despite the fact geese has a couple issues ORIGINALITY- 9.0 this game gave us a new look at the series because it introduced a new boss emphasized more on the story and was pretty nice conception over all when you press start you are greated to a nice character select screen like ff2 and 1 in which it shows all the characters in full regalia and not just a little photo but this can not make up for the second rate gameplay.

REPLAY- 6.0 blah, i couldnt get into this game as much as real bout or the other furies because it lacks that key element that makes a game good to me gameplay is everything and despite what others say this ff was in my opinion the least enjoyable it seemed like more of a chore than fun to play

CHARACTER LINE UP - 8.5 nice line up but i missed characters like lawrence blood or krauser its kinda sad to see them leave for this ff but oh well, the new guys are good because they have very different styles and each is unique in his/her own way there are new bosses to boot which in my opinion arent as good a the originals but they eventually find there place among the others. Blue mary for one is a nice addition (with one of the most annoying voices i might add). Yamazaki is a great addition proving that psycho has no bounds with his blood thirsty attitude and bad past its no wonder Ryuji is a great character but a story is not important if the character sucks, luckily this is not the case with yamazaki he has great moves, The projectile reflect is great . along with his short range moves great for an advanced player and a nightmare for a beginner.

MUSIC- 9.0 Great! Every character has his or her own theme and there are no reuses here a fresh soundtrack ( and in the cd version has a completely enhaced one like they usually do)

OVERALL-7.0 This is my least favorite ff but it does have some fun point its too bad they dont last though thanks for reading and if you can get real bout for cheaper (mvs of course) i would you wont be dissapointed because this was a shot in the new and is not on my fav's list but hey if this game didnt exist then ff would not have seen any real bouts o garou so you make te call -LWK-


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